Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 - A Preview

I'm not usually the type to make a big deal about a new year, but I'm quite excited about 2012. As most of my friends & family know, last year I was plagued with chronic headaches. For almost half the year I suffered daily from some ailment. This year I've decided I'm not gonna be sick. I'm just not. I've already put in my order with the Universe for a fantastic year!

For starters, I've got a standing desk at work. It's called a Geek Desk. It's got a motor on it and I can raise or lower it as much as my co-worker Pam can stand. (The sound drives her insane.)

At a doctor's advice, I stand two hours, sit two, stand two, sit two. And when I sit it's on an exercise ball. That's fun! It's supposed to help with posture, but I tend to bounce on it without knowing it.

I've had my Geek Desk for two weeks and I'm in love with it! My back & neck pain is gone! And with it...THE HEADACHES!!! HOORAY!!!

I'm not the only one too. Several people have standing desks. Some people don't get one because of the price. I'll be honest --- it's $1,000. But my company is letting us pay for it weekly out of our checks. A whopping $5. So, for $1 a day, I have the greatest desk in the world and I'm pain free. A bargain!!! And as for the people that complain about the price...I don't smoke, I don't buy fancy lattes, I don't have kids. I don't have annoying, costly habits that are bad for your health. I stopped buying the one soda a day I was drinking and that was $1.50. Tada! Desk paid for and $0.50 change!

And the desk is just for starters. I'm getting up in the mornings and walking on my treadmill. I'm eating a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner. Ok, dinner is sometimes not-so-healthy. But I'm trying and getting better all the time. I'm not going to deprive myself completely because that's fatal to any diet. And there are times when I'm just going to say, "Screw it. I'm eating it." As long as I work it off and don't do it daily, I'm doing just fine.

Besides the obvious reasons, I have a more personal reason for wanting to get healthy and lose weight. Drew & I want to go to London in September. My parents are trying to plan a trip to the U.K. for a few weeks to visit penpals and they've asked if we're interested in meeting up with them in London for a week. (There's no way we'd have time for a longer trip this year.) We agreed! The last time I went to Britain I was fat. I'm not doing that again. It was a great trip & I wouldn't trade those memories for the world, but this time I want to be more comfortable on the plane & in my own skin.

Let's have a reminder of England 2008...

Yep! That's about the only pics of me from that trip. I'm not really photogenic. Which is a shame since I take up about 80% of the photo.

Me and my family at last year's reunion. Why's everyone gotta put the fat chick in the front!!!

That is me and my sister Amy. I know what you're thinking. And the answer is yes. We really are sisters. She's not adopted. The photo is not a fake. Well, not all of it. (HA! Love you sis!!!)

So, week one of the New Year is over. I've made some fantastic changes that have improved my life a hundred-fold. And I've lost seven pounds so far. I have many to go. But at least I'm going!

Good luck and well wishes to everyone doing the same thing. Maybe I'll see you on the path to wellness. Be sure to wave and say hi.