Saturday, July 26, 2014


I've been busy lately doing lots of different crafty stuff, and I'm in a sharing mood today. Most of the time I couldn't be bothered to figure out a good way to photograph anything I made (super impatient), so...


My co-worker and fellow wine addict Pam threw a combination Bridal Shower / Graduation Party recently. Her eldest son Brian is marrying a lovely, totally Mom-approved girl by the name of Lian in the Fall. Pam's youngest son Kyle recently graduated from Mexico High School. To celebrate, she held one glorious party for them all. 

I love it when Pam asks me for assistance. Her voice gets all quiet and shy, like an innocent fourteen-year-old asking the Senior captain of the football team to borrow his pen in English class. (In this scenario, apparently the captain is incredibly stupid as he's in the same English class as a fourteen-year-old.)

Steph, can you make me some invitations? I only need three! It's just for the out-of-town guests. 
Sure. What do you need?
Can you do one invitation for both a Bridal Shower and a Graduation party?

I got really lucky. Mexico's colors are orange & black. Brian & Lian's wedding theme is "We really really really REALLY love SU," so their colors are orange & blue. Go 'cuse!

Pam is the mother of three boys. Pam doesn't do party decor. Luckily for her, I do.

Pam, you want banners? I'll make you banners. Baaaaaaaaaanners.

Cue the sound of my Silhouette Portrait in overdrive!!!

The end pennants have a graduation cap and diploma on them. 
The middle pennant has the Mexico Tigers logo on it with 2014.

The end pennants have two doves, each holding a ribbon that's shaped into a heart. 
The middle pennant has their wedding date on it.

After making these, I became obsessed with banners.

Julie! Want a banner?!?!?!?!?!

Same idea as Kyle's, but with the USCS Wolves logo in the middle. I even made additional letters for Julie to spell out Connor and Abby's names for when they graduate from Union Springs someday. Thanks to this banner, Julie's family can never move. Or drop out of High School.

In addition to the large banner, I made smaller ones for the table decorations.

On one side, USCS. On the other, 2014. Held onto the sticks by white and purple woven ribbon. And yes, someday in the future I'll be swapping out 2014 for a different year. Julie's children are faintly amused that their mother will be reusing these decorations. I am a more than willing accomplice to this deed. The banners really are just that cool.

This isn't what the final centerpieces looked like, but this will give you an idea of their size and what they looked like...
I believe Julie used white & purple painted terra cotta pots for the base. The sparkly stuff is from the Dollar Store, and the stones are mini-marble found in the patio-section of Lowe's.


I'm having an "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" themed 30th birthday party.
Really Kate? I'll make a banner!!
A wha--???

Only fans of the show would understand this banner, so I'm not going to try and explain it. I'll just come off as weirder and more crazy than I actually am. You can just take Kate's word for it that this was AMAZING!!!!

Now serving #4...

Can I get a banner? It's for the church. We celebrate everyone's graduation at one party every year, so just something simple that we can reuse. Any color you want. I'll pay you for it!
Heck no, Janeen! I haven't charged anyone yet. I'll come up with something for you.


And finally...

We're having a shower for--
STOP!..............BANNER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Congratulations on top is my banner, which will be reused. The bottom one I gave to my co-workers Ashley & Ryan, who are getting married...TODAY!!!!! Wow! I would have forgotten! Thank you Banner!!

I think I'm about over the banner-craze. I will still make them for special events, but I don't jump in people's faces and scream YOU NEED A BANNER!!!! Although, I do like Kate's suggestion of a Thunderdome banner for my bathroom at home.