Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Scrap Cards & Some Cats

I gave myself a Saturday project. Use nothing but scrap paper, ribbon, accessories and odd sized cards & envelopes to create as many cards as I can. My goal was to use up the scrap stuff which had accumulated all over my craft room.

I made 33 cards. That's quite a bit. But it didn't do much to touch the piles.

Below is the majority of them. I stamped nothing new today. Everything on these cards I had stamped and colored previously then tossed into a drawer for use later. That later was today. I also had a number of stickers and pop-up cardboard punched words that I'd collected over the years. I decided to use some of those as well. I didn't try too incredibly hard to be pretty or match the paper perfectly. My goal was to just throw items together. Surprisingly, I'm please with how everything turned out.

These items are one-of-a-kind cards I also tossed together. I have no idea if anyone has the need to send a vacation card, but I made one because that suitcase was just too cool!

I'm bringing all of these cards, plus a bunch of other ones I had done previously, to the office on Monday and I'll be offering them up to co-workers for $2. I'm calling it the "Hey, you're cheap but not Dollar Store cheap" card sale.

Below are some sympathy cards I made a couple weeks ago. I forgot to take a photo until after I packaged them in their protective plastic shields and I was too lazy to take them back out. I mostly take the photos for my own records. Probably should make a better effort if I'm going to share them with you. Ha!

Below is a birthday card I made for my co-worker Julie. It did not come out like I'd hoped, but everyone seemed to like it.

And finally ... CATS!! Drew installed a storm/screen door last week and the cats really don't know what to make of it. They sit and stare out it for hours. This is only one of two times you'll see Sweetpea and Fuzzy sitting together without one of them pouncing on the other. (The other is when they're trying to catch that damn red dot!)

The first cat that puts it's claws into the screen I will murder and hang its body from the coat rack as an example to the others. I swear.

Other than that...HAPPY SATURDAY!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Catch-Up

My mother pointed out to me recently that I haven't posted anything new. I don't really have much to post that would be of interest to anyone. I mean, who wants to hear about my intestinal issues? 

We do!

Oh, you do? Ok, then I'll explain.

For the past two weeks I have been struggling with migraines and diarrhea and constipation. Sometimes all at the same time. It's really a medical marvel sometimes how I can manage these things. Really. Especially when we can find no reason for it. I haven't eaten bad and I've been doing some exercise. It's not TapouT but it's more than most people do. It's a lot of walking and some tabata exercises. 

For the past few days I've been following the food menu my nutritionist gave me. I've been very strict about it. And I have seen improvements, so that's good. Doing much better.

Except I haven't lost a single pound.

Really? Not even one?

Not even a fraction. It's mind boggling. It truly is. My body is apparently going to hold onto every shred of fat it's got for dear life. Little *bleeping* *bleep*. Naturally it's made me miserable. And everything everyone's told me -- it'll show up next week, maybe you're not eating enough, maybe it's your thyroid -- is very sweet and kind but it just pisses me off more. Because it's not going to show up as a loss next week and I am eating enough and my thyroid test came back okie dokie. I'm just gonna be fat.

Ok. So that's the miserableness of the whole matter. Now onto some rambling bit of fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I got a new phone. I went with the Droid Razr M because it was free and I have no need for anything fancier. I love it! It takes some decent outdoor photos.

This was a colorful sunset I caught the night Drew, Jason and I went to see Johnny Bender play at FNA's in Waterloo. FNA's used to be The Upper Deck. Friends Frank and Alicia bought it, renovated it, and turned it into a rather nice bar with a great stage for bands. I like it there and the food is really pretty good (especially for bar food.)

But the phone isn't great for card shots.

These are cards I made one day when I was battling with cluster migraines. It was day two of being sick and I just couldn't stand sleeping or resting anymore. I was feeling terrible and useless. So I made cards. Normally when that happens the cards are all crooked and I've drooled on them, but this time I did a good job. They were really easy to make too. Only took me 2 hours to make 40 gorgeous butterfly cards. You wouldn't know they were gorgeous though because the picture is hideous. I passed out the cards to my friends who worked that Friday (just because I wanted to), so I don't even have them to take another photo.

My birthday was August 4th and I had already bought my birthday present a couple weeks earlier. A new camera. Actually, a "new" camera. It's really Jason's old camera. A Canon something-er-other. I don't know exactly what and I'm too lazy to go look it up at the moment. I just know it's weighty, comes with accessories that I have no idea how to use right now, and a London Fog carrying bag. (Of course I remember the bag!)

I don't have an eye for photography, but I ran around taking some photos for fun.


Drew working in his shed. He put up a peg board to hang his tools from. I have to admit that he's done a great job with the shed. The kayak's are hanging from the ceiling now and he's got a ton of stuff in there and it's all organized. There may be hope for him yet!

I have no idea why I took a picture of this. It was rusty and against the old wood siding on the house I thought it looked a bit rustic. Seems like something the guys would shoot.

Then I went back to what I do best. CARDS!!! These are from the last card swap at Stacey's workshop.

(L to R) Me (that's a glimmer paper daiquiri with a wine glass fob that says Party Diva with a shoe on it), Shirley, Stacey, Karen.

(L to R) Jessica, Terrie, Teresa, Christie (to be completely honest, it might be Christie, then Teresa - I got confused when the cards were passed out)

These are the cards we made at the workshop. Mine are on the left and Drew's are on the right. We were making grunge cards.

The new camera is fantastic! I actually took other photos of those cards but they were too good. You could see the stains on the wall. So I set the cards up in another location and took another set of photos. Unfortunately you can see the card reflections in the freezer surface. But it's better than stains on the wall!

Here's an example of what I used to shoot...

And the new camera!!!

Such a fantastic camera! (Although I'm sure Jason's cringing right now because I'm still completely rubbish at taking pictures. Haha! I'm getting better!!!)

I made the wine glass fobs for everyone who was at Stacey's workshop. They're made from shrinky dink paper. You can buy it at just about any craft store. I actually bought Ink Jet shrink film online at Amazon. I loved making these. They were soooo much fun!

And birthday present from Stacey. Wickedly cool steampunkish/halloweeny style paper. I'm so excited! She's already given me permission to just stare at the paper and never use it. She knows me so well!!!

Tomorrow is the Great Race and Drew is kayaking with friends Kathy (running) and Theresa (biking). My team is all broken. Everyone's injured. Except me and I just don't really care anymore. Blahhhh. But I'll still be there to support Drew's team. Probably won't bring the camera with me though since I'll be holding onto everyone's stuff while they're being all athletic and stuff. The crowd there is huge too. I don't do crowds. Blahhhh.

Well, that's it and I think that's probably enough. Enjoy the weekend.