Saturday, December 22, 2012

Getting Ready for Xmas 2013

I made some Christmas cards this year, but not many.  My creativity was very lazy.  But now that we have a 4-day weekend from work, I find I have lots of time and energy.  So I started on next year's Christmas cards.

Now to go back to writing.  I've promised people a book in April 2013.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Card Season!!!

It's Christmas Card Season!!  I haven't made many this year.  Not sure if I'll make as many as last year.  I'm kind of busy.  Doing what, I'm not sure, but it's not making cards.

The below Stacey and I made based on a card from someone's blog and I feel terrible I can't provide a link for it here.  It was an email and I deleted it after we made the cards.  Sorry!

The flower O doesn't make it sensible to put it in a standard envelope.  I'm too lazy to make a special envelope for it and I'm not about to just walk up to someone and say, "Here's your card" so I guess it's for me.  YAY!

I've made several of the below.

The snowflakes are made from sparkly paper from Stampin' Up.  It's fantastic paper!  Not a lot of glittery residue like with other papers.  It's hard to see (as always with my photos) but the background is embossed with Stampin Up's Holiday Frame, which is the same folder we used to make the corners of the top card.

That's it for cards today!

Monday, December 10, 2012

UPDATE!!! Free Kindle Weekend

After I unleashed my blog post I discovered something fascinating...

A LOT of people hang out at Amazon on a Sunday night.  I think most of those people scour the Best Seller Lists for free books.

Final tally as of 1 am EST...

#8 in Fiction > Humor
#53 in Fiction > Romance
Ranked #134 for ALL free ebooks

Wow!  That was a huge jump.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Game of Hearts" Free Kindle Weekend

This past weekend I offered the Kindle version of "Game of Hearts" for free at Amazon.  As of 5:30 pm today, the book was downloaded 1,317 times during the promotion.  The breakdown by country is...

United States (includes India) = 1,246
United Kingdom = 54
Denmark = 6
France = 5
Italy = 5
Spain = 1

Why would I offer the book for free?  Simply because I prefer people have the chance to read it and enjoy it.  Honestly, until you get an agent and a nationwide publisher willing to put their neck on the line to put your work out there, you don't make money writing.  Not this kind of writing and not the kind of money that would allow me to move to Boston and write 24/7.

Another reason is that agents and publishers watch the Best Seller lists at Amazon.  If I can move up the list and catch someone's eye, fantastic.  

So how did we do today???

As of December 7, 2012, "Game of Hearts" Kindle Edition was ranked #485,087.

And now???

This format of "Game of Hearts" is currently ranked #206 out of over one million books in the Kindle Store.


Ranked #9 in Fiction > Humor

I'm actually quite thrilled!!!  My book should up in the first page of a Best Seller List on Amazon.  This was a lot better than I'd even dare hope.  Will it get me noticed?  Meh.  Probably not.  But that's ok.  Over 1,300 people downloaded it.  Many of those people were other authors on Twitter who know what it's like and what I'm doing.  They probably won't read it.  Some were competing authors who were doing the same thing.  Heck, I downloaded over 20 books myself.  Including books beating me in the same category! Because we all know the competition isn't each other.  I mean, look at some of the junk out there on the store racks.  It's about catching someone's eye on a good day.  Something I've never been good at doing.  Especially where self-promotion is concerned!  Oh lord!  Pessimistic people with low self-esteem should not try to market themselves!  What a disaster!  

I never thought I'd say this...but I like Twitter.  It's a fascinating resource, if that's what you're using it for.  People don't follow me because they want to know how my day at work was, which is good because I really don't care to tell them.

So, it was a very anxiety filled weekend doing this, but it was a lot of fun.  I will probably do this again, but only after Book #2 is out.  Shooting for April 2013!!!