Saturday, January 21, 2012

Exercise Music

When I’m on the treadmill I have to have music. I love music. All different kinds. I like heavy metal, rock, soft rock, classical, new age, country rock, celtic, meditative, environmental, and a wide variety of music from all around the world. About the only things I don’t like are country twang, gospel and gangsta rap.

My all-time favorite music to listen to are soundtracks. This can be a film soundtrack, tv soundtrack, game soundtracks or even stuff that sounds like it should be on a soundtrack. And that is exactly what I’m currently listening when I’m exercising...

Groove Worx (formerly known as Groove Addicts) creates music for movies, tv shows, commercials, video name it. If it needs music, they make it. They excel in it! Their album “Full Tilt Rising” is my current fave. It’s exhilarating! The songs are so appropriately titled that you know exactly how it’s going to sound before it even starts.

My sister pointed them out to me when she heard Interstellar. She was immediately transported into another world and came out feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything. Or as one youtube commenter put it, “I listened to this during breakfast. I almost conquered the world.”

Turns out it was used in Starcraft II.

I loved it so much I went on a hunt to find the entire album, which I eventually did. My favorite selection from it is Conviction. I’ve been told it was used in the trailer for the 2010 movie Robin Hood (with Russell Crowe). The song is amazing! It’s what I run my tenth of a mile to. It’s probably part of the reason I now look forward to that run instead of dreading it as another reason to fail.

You can fail nothing when you have this music. Nothing.