Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Week with Mom & Dad

My parents were up to visit last week.  Seemed there was something going on everyday.

Monday - The funeral for my Great Uncle Dick.  He's my Grandmother's brother.  He was a good man.  A quiet man.  Unless he was working on a project in the basement or playing cards.  Then he was an expletive aficionado.  He taught my my first swear word.  My favorite.  The S-word.

Here he is with his sister, who is wearing some kind of flying toy on her head.   Typical.

Tuesday - I had a Lia Sophia party at my house.  It was so much fun for us!  Us being me and Mom.  Drew & Dad went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and trivia during the party.

Wednesday - Drew and I went to see The GuruGanesha Band at the Auburn Public Theater with Theresa.  We've seen them before.  It was a yoga rock concert.  Excellent!

Thursday - Fat Club!  Went pretty good.  I lost 2 pounds.  I'm down 40 pounds.  I think all of it's from my boobs, which I honestly wasn't having a problem with!  Dammit.

Friday - Finally a night off!!!  Mom & I got to make cards.

Here's the five cards we each made. The owl in the buggy is a new design. Mom needed a baby shower card where the theme was owls. The colors are greens & browns.

Isn't it a cutie!

Saturday - Mom & Dad left to go back to Tennessee.  :(  It was a nice visit, what little we seemed to have of it.  Better busy than not, I guess.  We did have some time to watch some British shows.  Mock the Week is a house favorite!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Squee Purses!

My parents are arriving Saturday and staying for the week.  While they are here I'm having a Lia Sophia party on 10/23/12.  Mother and I love Lia Sophia!!!

As is my standard, I have a favor for my guests and anyone who orders.  Here's a sneak peak...

Squee!!!!  Little Purses!!!  They are only 3-1/2 inches wide.  Each holds a mini Kit Kat bar and a mini Hershey bar.  The idea came from Stacey, who got the idea from Frenchie.  They are so easy to make.  I produced 24 of them in under two hours.


And here's a sympathy card I made this weekend.  Sadly, these are the cards I need the most of.  Not just for myself, but everyone at work.  It's also the cards I hate to make the most.  I'm pleased with this design though.  Will probably make more in different colors.

Nothing to report in the writing department.  Got a "Contest Fail" email and a rejection from an agent who said they don't represent my genre (even though they report they do on Writer's Market & 75% of the books on their website are romantic-comedy). Whatever.  Onward!!!  (After this bottle of wine...)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Week's Cards

I spent some of my downtime making cards this week.

I received a request at work for some Thank You cards.  I came up with the below.

I wanted to make a birthday card for my girlfriend Joanie...

I liked the design so much that I made a few more...

That's all for now!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Pics of London

I uploaded some more pictures from our trip to London.  The below is just a compilation of our various walks and tours around the city.

London 2012

And I also uploaded some photos we took at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.  It was a lot of fun there.  At first I was like, "Ok, but I don't know why you guys want to see a bunch of wax dummies."  I wasn't a minute in the door and I was goofing off and making stupid faces while having my picture taken with the dummies.  You just can't help it!  You can touch the dummies and go crazy there.  It was a riot!  (No, I did not post all of the goofy pictures.  Some will never see the light of day.)

London 2012 Madame Tussaud's

We also got to see a 20 minute 3-D movie at the museum.  It was a Marvel Comics cartoon.  When the Hulk walked, the chairs shook.  When Spiderman shot out his webs, air blew in your face from a hose on the back of the seat in front of you.  When Wolverine unleashed his titanium claws, the seat poked you in the back.  It was fantastic!  So much fun!

I still have some pictures to go through of Oxford University, Stratford-On-Avon and Warwick Castle.  


Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Cards & Writing Update

I made some cards finally!

It uses the Stampin' Up Daydream Medallions stamp set and matching framelits.  The medallions are actually stacked on top of each other with a dimensional between them.  It looks flat in the photo.  On top is a light green rhinestone.

I've also started writing Book #2 in the Lyssa Winfield Mystery Series.  I wasn't going to start writing it until after the New Year, but the opening scene kept playing over and over in my mind so I decided I had to get it written out.  Chapter 1 is half done and I love it so far!  Chase is cracking me up!  I don't think of this as something I've made it.  These characters are people who talk in my mind and it doesn't ever feel like i'm making it up.

Ok.  That sounded really kind of creepy, didn't it?  Hey, as long as it works.  Honestly, I don't think I've ever been saner.  

Anyhoo, almost 2,000 words done so far.  Very exciting!!

Now if I only had a title.  Dammit.