Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh! So that's what FULL is!!!

So, I talked about how I was learning to push away from my plate when I'm full, regardless if the plate's empty or not.

I'm not the only one that's surprised by my changes in eating habits. Other people are too. I've always been the type of person that makes fat jokes at my own expense. I rub my buddha belly and make jokes about it. Sometimes it just really is funny. Sometimes I'm using the "I joke about it so you won't" tactic. And sometimes I'm just fat and hungry. I don't make those jokes so much anymore. Because I'm not eating or acting like a fat person anymore. You can't say, "I'm gonna lose weight and get healthy," then eat an entire cheesecake. Or stuff your face to get your money's worth. Or make fat jokes. It doesn't work that way.

Yeah, I still make jokes sometimes at my own expense, but not just because I'm fat. It might be because my flabby arm got caught in the headset while I was jogging which pulled the phone off the platform and it nailed me in the crotch, which in turn, almost sent me tumbling off the treadmill. And yes, that happened today. And yes, you can laugh. It's kinda funny.

So, today for lunch it was just the hubby and me. We went to the Diner. I love the Diner. Everyone loves the Diner. It rocks. After looking over the menu I realized there's not a lot of super-healthy choices on there. And it's the Diner!!! So I ordered my fave --- bleu burger with sweet potato fries. I was a little peeved with myself, having done so good the night before, to lose it at the Diner, but it is honestly the best bleu burger and sweet potato fries on the planet.

You know what? The burger's not that big. And I didn't put any mayo on it, just the burger, bleu cheese, tomato, lettuce & bun. Plus, the fries aren't greasy. And I ate less than half of them because I was full. Previously I would have shoved ever single one of those fries into my face. Today? Nope. I was full and happy.

There's that phenomenon again! Recognizing when you're full and stopping eating. Apparently it wasn't just a fluke last night. I am capable of doing this. It's a nice feeling to have that control. To be able to say, "That's enough" and to stop.


Tonight I made Curried Vegetable Stew. It was a recipe Jeff gave me a couple weeks ago. Drew loved it! I was so-so about it. Maybe because I wasn't really in the mood to cook and kinda had to. Drew offered to go get something for dinner, but I knew it would be bad. I'm glad Drew liked it though. Gives me hope that my cooking might really be improving. Or the recipes are. :)

Here's the recipe Jeff gave me:


Incidently, tomorrow there's a cardmaking workshop at my house. I'm making some recipes that are diet-suicide. I know it's bad to say, "I'm gonna eat it and I don't care," but that might be how it goes down. It's my ONE party a year. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

Whatever happens --- I hope everyone has a great weekend and works towards their goals!!!