Monday, April 7, 2014

Cards, Cards, and More Cards...

I know I've been quiet on the blog, but that should be changing soon. A lot's happened since I last wrote... well, a lot for me. Remember, I'm an introvert. It doesn't take much for "a lot" to happen.

The biggest thing is I got a new computer. My last one was eight years old. In PC years, that's about 102. I loved that PC. I expected a lot from it, and it almost always delivered. But it was too old and slow for the software anymore, so Drew (with the help of my "brother" Jeff) ordered me a new one from Dell. It has actual bought and paid-for software in it. Legit copies of Windows7 and Office 2013. Yes. LEGIT. We can afford it, and I deserve it. Yes. I DESERVE IT. I bet that's two things no one ever expected me to admit to.

The new PC is amazing!!! I love it. It's fast. It's reliable. It's all mine. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Now I can do what I need to do faster and more efficient. Like write porn romantic adult novels.

The new PC can also run my Silhouette Designer Edition software much better. I love to design, cut, and make cards. The old PC just frustrated me all to heck because it took forever just to open the software. Now it's a breeze! And cards are more important than ever to me because I'm making them for two very important charities:

Project: I Care is the work of Jim the Gentleman Crafter, an amazing steampunk crafter and blogger that I follow. He works for Seton Breast Care Center, and he requested Thank You cards from his crafty followers that the center can use to send to people who donate to the center. I gladly sent off 25 cards.

Operation: Write Home is an organization that sends cards to the troops overseas for them to send back home to loved ones. I'm in the process of putting together a box of 100 cards for them. I've got 74 so far. The soldiers love to sort through the boxes of cards to find something special to send home. It's a great thing this organization does and I'm so proud that I can help.

Below are some of the cards I've made recently that will be going to Afghanistan, or Korea, or anywhere we have soldiers stationed on foreign soil.

I don't know if a soldier would have use for a popsicle card, but I just love those cards and I made a bunch. They're so Summery! Hell, if it just makes a soldier smile, that's fine. I have one on my desk at work just to cheer me up. Summer's coming. Right? Right???

I finally got a photography light tent. Drew was going to make me one, but after spending a few hours asking me a million questions and tallying up the ridiculous supply list, I said, "NEVERMIND!" and bought one off Amazon for $20. A decent investment, I think. I need to research setting up the lighting better around it. I just pulled it out of the box and started winging it. Already better though, don't you think?

Also in March was Terrie's Stampin' Up Workshop. The below two cards are the ones we made at the workshop.

The swap theme was Congratulations. Below is Stacey's card. Very romantic!

This is my card. Baby!

And the batteries on the camera died. And I didn't charge the spares! Way to go, Steph! I'll have to get the rest of the pics next time.

To my friends and followers, expect another blog post soon. Now that I can post these quickly, I'll be more inclined to do so.