Monday, April 30, 2012

Mental Drivel

Drew and I got married in Myrtle Beach on October 11, 2007.  Drew's parents traveled down with us for the week.  My parents couldn't come, but we did have a fantastic two-week vacation in Britain with them the following Spring.  We have had many wonderful vacations and adventures since then.  Always with friends we love and laugh with.

This week Drew and I have finally gotten a honeymoon.  Our first vacation just the two of us.  And we're back in Myrtle Beach!  I have not regretted a single trip in all my years of travel, but I have to admit that this is something special and long overdue.

Here is what we're doing this week --- nothing.  We haven't planned a damn thing.  That's not to say we're not doing anything; we just don't have anything we're supposed to do.  I have lots of little mental notes --- go to La Belle Amie on Thursday for 20% off a case...get fireworks for Jason the Pyro...go to that seashore restaurant in Calabash that Leslie recommended for a great seafood meal...hit Katie's fave pubs on the Pier.

Unlike previous trips to MB, we didn't travel at night.  There's lots of pros and cons to this.  I reeeeally like getting thru the Baltimore-Washington-Alexandria area at night.  Minimal traffic.  But I so love getting into MB at the dinner hour with energy to spare!  There was no pressure to get to condo and unload.  There was no pressure to do anything!  We enjoyed the drive.  We enjoyed each other's company.

Sunday - We went to Market Commons.  We were disappointed by it.  Everyone said it was upscale shopping, but really neat.  It was a lot of clothing stores, which I didn't need.  I don't think they were all that upscale either.  Just not Walmart.  We did find Canapies, which was a magnificent chocolate boutique.  Drew is a chocoholic and I think food is a blessing from the gods, so we were in mutual heaven.

That night we ate at Duffy St Seafood Shack in Cherry Grove.  We'd been meaning to go there since our trip to MB in Christmas 2004.  Drew's Crab Cakes were the bomb!  My Stuffed Crab Shells were good.  The nachos were amazing!  It wasn't the experience we were expecting, but honestly, it was a good meal.  I'm happy we finally got that off our MB Vacation Bucket List.

We watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night.  We've a bit behind in the Harry Potter series.  Loved it!!!!  Had no idea that puberty was a sub-plot in that series.  I approve.  Look forward to watching the final two movies.

Today - We went to both Tanger Outlet Malls.  It was fun and a lot of walking.  A lot.  It was our exercise!

I have never been one to understand the lure of Coach purses or any overpriced accessory, but today I went into the Coach outlet and I'm a believer!  BUT!!!!  Not in the crap my co-workers carry.  I had no idea that Coach carried colors other than Caramel or Suburban Tan.  They have lavender and blue and all kinds of lovely things.  I've decided to use my creative talents to raise a few extra bucks (<$100) to get a Coach wallet.  And I have a LOT of ideas.  Ideas that will benefit myself and my dearest of friends.  They aren't especially grand ideas, but will be quite satisfying.

We watched The Walking Dead, Season One, Episode One today. We'd managed to miss all of it so far.  I loved it.  It was highly predictable and I think I can probably predict the next couple episodes without knowing a damn thing about it, but it's still a great show!  I only hope Laurie dies soon.  That's all.  Just die.  Her presence is going to ruin everything, as if it hasn't so far.  My apologies to the actress; maybe the character was written that way.  But please die.

And now that's I'm typing this while Raiders of the Lost Ark is playing on TV, I firmly believe that the theme from this movie should be the theme song for the USA.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Code I Live By...

When your world is kind of weird and you wish that you weren't there,
Just close your eyes and make believe and you can be anywhere.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weigh-In Thursday

I've stuck to my exercise plan pretty good this week.  It wasn't flawless.  I didn't get up Wednesday morning and get on the treadmill as I got very little sleep that night.  Occasionally the hubby snores, so I gave myself an extra hour's sleep that morning.  I needed it.  But I had walked more at work than expected, so that kinda makes up for it.

I did Bowflex on Saturday and Monday.  I planned to do it Wednesday night but completely forgot that I had a retirement party to go to after work, so I had to miss that.  And tonight is Tops, so I'll be adjusting to a Friday-Sunday-Tuesday-Friday schedule for the next week instead.

As far as eating wasn't as good as it could have been, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I usually am.  I can't be too disappointed in that as the results showed this week at weigh-in.

4.75 pounds lost!  That's a total of 21.50 pounds for the year.  Not bad considering most of February and March were a bust.  Speaking of bust, I'm pretty sure that's where all the weight is coming off of.  You know, it's the one spot I wouldn't have cared if it stayed the same.  Dang.

Next week at TOPS is Awards Night.  I'm going with a Hat & Tea theme.  It's an idea I got from my girlfriend Ginny.  Drew said he didn't care; he'll wear a baseball cap.  He's a good sport!  Anything to keep me happy!!!

I even made invites for the event and passed them out.

The back has the event info and a little teabag tag with a tiny teacup stamped on it.  So cute!

The hat is a design from Valita's website.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catch-Up Sunday

While I was de-cluttering yesterday, Drew monopolized the cardmaking table to do the taxes.  Yes, we're last minute filers.  It's quite complicated due to the Tastefully Simple business, but he got it done.  It took 12 hours, but they're done.  YAY!

Today I got my cardmaking room back and made up for lost time.  Had a few projects to finish up.

First up, non-spinning pinwheels for Kelly.  They're for decoration only, so she didn't care that they don't spin.  I tried to figure out a way to make them spin, but honestly, I couldn't be bothered to spend that kind of time for a few bucks.  And if she didn't care, why should I?  That's my business motto right there.  "I'll go the distance if you expect me to."

They're actually quite pretty.

Next, I made a sample wedding invite using the colors of the NY Giants.

The colors weren't my idea. The groom's mother informed me that this was what they were probably going with. The wedding is well over a year away, so there is the chance they might change their mind. That's why this is a sample. I like this card though.

And as you can see, my photography skills are still as sharp as ever. Nice and crooked, just the way I wanted. Pah!

Here's some lovey-dovey cards for the upcoming wedding season.

And I worked on a photography mat project for Jason.  I only mention it because he asked if I could do it three months ago.  He said no rush.  So I didn't.  (See my motto above.)  Seriously, I couldn't figure out how to do it.  I did today.  He'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the results.  Bwah hah hah.


When I was a kid, my dad made posters.  They were posters with some kind of goal on them.  The goals had to do with running and/or losing weight.  The deadline was almost always in relation to a vacation.  At any given point when you went into the den you could find a goal poster on the wall.  I loved them.  So when my parents visited in March I asked my Dad if he could help me make one for our trip to London in September.

He did.

Dad put the green countries on the blue background, laid out the white course, and Mom helped him put some stickers and markings on it. Then this weekend I finished it off with the numerous photos from our last trip and a few other pictures.

It's hard to see, but at the beginning in Syracuse is a plane.  It will move along the course until it reaches London.  It's a weight loss goal.  I'm not relinquishing the details since it's a very lofty goal.  But my poster gives me more encouragement.  It's also a lot of fun because I've got a ton of stories to go with the pictures.

So, I've got a poster.  I know.  It's weird.  But I love it.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bowflex - Day 1

Continuing on my battle against hoarding, I cleaned out the upstairs front room.  This is the junk room.  It's a large storage space for Drew's tools and spare furniture that hasn't made it's way to the curb yet. (We're waiting for summer when the curb trolls are out looking for free junk to swipe.)  Because this room has a super high ceiling, it's also where the Bowflex is.

Due to the fact that there is no heating in this room whatsoever (and we're pretty sure there's no insulation either) this room is unbearable in the winter.  It's not just cold, it's freezing.  You go in there on a thirty degree day...and it's thirty degrees.  I'm not exaggerating.  But the weather is now decent, so the room is quite nice.

After cleaning up the space, which was surprisingly more clean than I expected, I decided it was time to put the Bowflex to use.  First, I got out the handy-dandy workout poster and clipped it to a piece of foam board so it stays up but is mobile at the same time.  Then I downloaded the user's guide, printed it and clipped it into a notebook.  And finally, I made a chart.  It's kind of like the chart they give you in the Nautilus Room at the YMCA.  It lists the exercises, the weight, # of reps and the date.  So I can keep track of where I am.  Also, because I will never remember in a million damn years what the heck I'm supposed to be doing.

Here's my fancy-schmancy setup.

I had made the chart a while ago when I was all psyched about exercising, then it just got set aside like so many other things I get psyched about for two or three minutes.  But Jason's exercise logs inspired me to dig it out and put it to good use.  It's hard to see, but I did fill it out today.

Now, I don't have to do this, but I'm going to.  I'm going to admit I'm an idiot.  I have a user's guide.  I have a very easy to read and follow poster.  And I still did it wrong!  You're only supposed to do one round of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise.  I did three rounds of 8-12 repetitions of more exercises.  Because I'm a dork and I cannot follow simple instructions.  I was so focused on setting up the machine properly that I misread the instructions.  HAHA!  So I got one helluva workout today!  I know I'm gonna be sore tomorrow.  I didn't overdo it though.  I know that if I do I won't do it again.  So I will be back Monday after work on the Bowflex.  I did read and will follow the instruction that says to do this three days a week, skipping a day between workouts.  I didn't miss that!

My new exercise schedule will be:
   Monday - AM Treadmill, PM Bowflex
   Tuesday - AM Treadmill
   Wednesday - AM Treadmill, PM Bowflex
   Thursday - AM Treadmill
   Friday - AM Treadmill
   Saturday - AM Bowflex
   Sunday - Whatever I want!  So back off!

My treadmill workout is 30 minutes doing whatever I want.  Mostly walk at a pretty quick clip.  I discovered that I hate running and when I even think about having to do it, I get nauseous.  There's some past relationship issues working in there that are the reason for that.  I won't go into it, but I decided that if I don't want to run, I won't.  The anxiety about that is now gone and I'm happy walking on my treadmill again.  If I do decide to change that up, then it'll be because I feel like it.  Not because of obligation.  So, na-na-na-na boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo.

I also have a set of Before pictures.  Unlike Jason, I'm not showing it to you.  Sometimes I just gotta be a girl and say, "No way!  I look so fat and ugly!"  Doesn't happen often that I show some kind of femininity.  That's about as close as it gets.

But I do have another picture for you!!

Bowflex with potty chair.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miscellaneous Tuesday Rambling

For the past two days I have been de-cluttering my house.  I just kind of snapped on Monday and decided I needed to purge stuff.
  • Travel magazines I swore I would need after I won the lottery and decided to visit foreign lands.  (Even if it does happen, I'm not likely to use the magazines.)
  • A collection of towels that are getting ratty, but could be used for...something.  (If I need a crappy towel for some reason someday, I'll go to the dollar store and buy one.)
  • Linen placemats and matching cotton napkins I've had since Marriage #1 and still haven't used.  (I don't really need to explain why those were tossed, do I?)
  • Books I've read, will likely not read again, hold no sentimental value, but I liked them the first time so they remain on the shelf.  (Donating!)
  • A dozen extra pillows.  (Ok, a dozen extra people are not staying at my house at one time.  I kept the best two and chunked the rest.)
  • All holiday dishtowels and pot holders.  (I've just recently discovered that I hate holiday and seasonal kitchen linens.  No explanation.  I just hate 'em.  Maybe it was the fact that I had over thirty of them that got tossed.  No joke.  Thirty.)
It's amazing how much stuff I'm getting rid of.  It's not really outwardly noticeable though.  A lot of the stuff was behind cupboards or in drawers.  But we notice.  It makes the house look a little cleaner too just because the extra junk is gone.  Plus it was making me crazy.  

I even went thru the emails I get and unsubscribed to a lot of them.  I know it's just emails, but it's still junk mail.  The fewer things I see in my inbox, the better.

I still have a few rooms to go thru, plus there's Drew's stuff.  He's a hoarder.  Not like the wackos on that tv show, but he does have a hard time throwing things away.  Drawers and boxes with stuff like Red Cross pins, super saver cards for stores that don't exist anymore, even more books which is worse because they're in a box not being seen or read.  He's getting better!  I'm constantly asking him, "Is there any reason in the world that you are keeping this?"  He'll say, "Yes."  I'll say, "What is it?"  Then he'll just throw it away.  I'm not sure if it's because he doesn't have an answer, or he does and he knows it will make me even crazier if he tells it to me.

So, I'm happier in my less-cluttered house.  And Drew's happier about anything that makes me a little less crazy.  It's a win-win for everyone involved.


And just for fun...Hoyt and his diet soda hookah!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A New Addition To The Deal-Scharoun Household!!!

Drew and I are excited to announce a new addition to our household.

Ok.  I'm really excited that my crockpot has a new sibling.  Drew's excited that he won't have to cook for a while.  I couldn't get this sucker out of the box fast enough and put it to work!  We happened to be at BJ's today and he told me to just get it.  He knows I'll use it.  (I was hugging the store's floor model.)

Today the crockpots were both hard at work!  Chicken Drumsticks in the original (left) and Baked Beans in the new one (right).

Incidentally, the chicken drumsticks came out awesome.  Just put them in on Low for 6 hours and they come out falling off the bone!  The seasoning I used was a dry rub and it was ok, but it wasn't anything worth giving you the recipe for.  Next time I'm trying a barbeque sauce.  I can give you a tip though!  If you don't want the chicken to soaking to death in bottom of the crockpot, crumple up about two feet of tin foil and put it in the bottom first, then put the chicken on top of it.  This lets the juice all run to the bottom while keeping the chicken out of it.  Trust me, the chicken will still be moist and super yummy!

My baked beans didn't come out quite right.  They were good, but not great.  I'm tinkering with the recipe.  When I perfect it, I'll post it.  I made enough for a small army, but we intend to freeze most of it in smaller containers.  A tip for Auburn-area people who do not have a lot of freezer containers --- go to Donovan & Luksa and get the thick plastic soup containers.  You can get 50 for $10, including the lids.  Great bargain!  If you don't destroy them in the nuker, they're reusable too.  I intend to make a lot of soups and the like for the freezer.

The new crockpot today came with a baby too!!!  It's called a A Little Dipper!  It'll be perfect for the Tastefully Simple 'Warm the Oven' dip or the 'Spinach & Artichoke' dip that's served at almost every party we have or go to.  Squee!!!

And finally, I made a card today just for my own fun.

I got to play around with my new Nestabilities posts die-cuts.  I made one for Stacey too because she's also a huge "Sherlock" fan.  (Long Live Benedict Cumberbatch's cheeks!)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Card Catch-Up

I've been neglecting my duties of posting all about my cardmaking.  My mother's probably getting bored looking at picks of Pam Poovey playing Waffle Golf on a stripper's bazooms.  So let's roll the clock back to Tuesday, March 27th.  Judy's Stampin' Up party.

My booty from March's card swap (Back row - Jessica, Terrie, Stacey, me, Teresa; Middle row - Christie, Karen, Judy, Drew; Front row - Shirley)

Everyone did a fantastic job! Here are some of the individual sets...

Christie's cards. This was her first attempt at making cards for the swap and she did a beautiful job.

Jessica's cards. She took part in the One-Sheet-Wonder (OSW) challenge. This is when you use one piece of either 12x12 or 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper, cut it up, and use it all to make your cards. Challenging, but fun! Jess also used the Sweet Shop stickers from Stampin' Up.

Karen's cards. This is her 2nd swap and these are just adorable. She used the Stampin' Up Everybunny stamp set.

Terrie's cards. It's her first time making cards!  And she very bravely did the OSW challenge. Very impressive for a newbie!!  Apparently she had panic attacks about stamping the paper.  HAHA!  She did great!!

Shirley's cards. It's a gift card holder that you open by pulling on the "For You" scalloped circle. The opposite end opens at the same time. It is so cool! You make it using an entire sheet of 8-1/2x11 paper, so technically speaking, it's a OSW too! And she gave us templates! Squee!!!

Unfortunately I don't have photos of the other cards. My camera's batteries died quickly that night and I forgot backups. I thought I got more photos, but some didn't come out. Jessica might have copies as she brought her camera too and Drew took photos for her.

These are the cards we made at the workshop. The ones on the left use the Stampin Up doily die-cut. The ones on the right use cherry-scented embossing powder, so the cards smell yummy!!

That brings us up to last weekend...

These are the cards I made for my friend Kelly. Her twins are turning 8 soon. She left the card design entirely up to me. She just wanted something with bright spring colors.  She loved them!

This is a card I made for my friend Cathy. Her grandson is due to be born soon. They know it's a boy and have the name picked out already. Cathy's son is a fireman, hence the dalmation wearing a fire hat. I made the doggie from pics on the internet. It wasn't anyone's design in particular. I sort of combined a couple and made some up as I went. I think he's adorable!  Cathy cried!  A cardmaking first!

More cards from this week...

I'd been dying to make this card and my co-worker Colleen's retirement this week was the perfect opportunity to do so. My flag pole is too big (Yes Hoyt, that's what she said! HA!).  Any smaller and it's hard to tape to the card. Next time I'll just draw it with a marker, probably.

My girlfriend Diana asked about wedding invites for her son's wedding next year, so I'm trying out a few designs. You can't tell from the photo, but the patterned paper is embossed and glossy. Really nice stuff! Plus, wedding invites by me aren't like what you get online. It's like a bloody card, because that's what I do! :)

Bonus!  The bride and groom were stamped using chalk ink.  This is a tip I got from Stacey.  Normally the $1 clear stamps from the craft store don't work for poop.  But the chalk ink with those cheapo stamps worked great!  THANKS STACEY!!!

And finally, from today...

I'm starting a line of winery-inspired cards. This is the first. Eventually I would love to do cards with local wine bottle labels and then sell them at the wineries. I think that would be a fun challenge.

And here's a little treat for Jason...if he made it this far down the post.

Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Joke...I Cooked Fish...And It Was Edible

Actually, it was damn good, skippy.  I found a simple recipe for fish on and decided to try it.  It called for Mahi Mahi, but I used Tilapia.  You can use any fish.  I rubbed it with a little olive oil, sprinkled salt & pepper on it, then baked it.  When it was done, I served it on Fiesta Rice, then drizzled a little bit of a butter/hot sauce/lemon juice/onion mixture over the top.  Roasted asparagus on the side.  I have more Tilapia so we'll be trying that again this week, but with more lemon juice.  I love lemon juice.

I struck a deal with Drew tonight.  If I cook the majority of April, I can get the 7-Qt. Slow Cooker with Locking Lid from BJ's.  I have a $5 off coupon for it that's good until 4/28.  Honestly, he would just let me get it anyways since he knows I'll definitely use it.  Actually, he's probably in shock that I asked him at all.  But I want motivation and a goal to go with it!  And I reeeeeally want that crockpot!  So it looks like I'm cooking again!

I wonder if that would work on Drew.  If I told him he could get the extra freezer if he made lunches every morning before work, would he do it?  Hmmmm...  Probably not.

Today's meals were healthy and yummy and filling.  Then why do I have a huge craving for waffles???

Oh yeah.  I was watching Archer earlier.  I LOVE PAM!!!!!

She rocks in space armor.