Friday, October 9, 2015

This Week's Craftiness

I made some crafty goodness this week.  I've got three items to share with you.

The first is a mini-hat that I created for Miss Joanie's birthday.

I love her legless skeleton hiding in the black rose! 

Miss Joanie said she will wear it while she's working the customer service desk at Wegmans on Halloween. If you stop in, wish her a happy trick-or-treat!

There was a card party at Teresa's on Tuesday which, unfortunately, I could not attend. I already had tickets to see a show that night. I still participated in the card swap, whose theme was Male Birthday.

It's not one of my fave card themes because it generally involves nothing pink, frilly, or ribbony, but I was really pleased with my cards this time!

And finally, yet another pumpkin hat!

This one is for Julie. She bought the hat and had her daughter Abby paint it. She gave it to me, along with the ribbon, and I finished decorating it. I so much prefer when people bring me the items and just ask that I glue them all together. (And usually to my fingers... the table... the floor... ugh.)

Office "witch" and co-worker Judy decided to model it. I think it fits her perfectly!

Happy Hallowitching!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Johnny Bender at The Gig

Johnny Bender is a local band that is comprised of two programmers, one firefighter, and a musician. We happen to work with the two programmers - Mike & Chris - and have been stalking this band since before they had fans. 

This was the usual party crowd I hung out with at a Johnny Bender show.

This is at J&B's. They were soooooo excited about the light show they added to their set that night.

The Milk Station in Cato was always a good time. They didn't have a stage there, but the corner was a nice space for the guys to play in.

Chris is saying, "I think I need to reconsider some of my life choices."
Tim is responding, "Speak up, dude. I can't hear you over the sound of the toilet flushing behind me."
"You're kidding, right?"

Nope. Not kidding.

But the Milk Station was a fun, friendly place. They not only allowed dancing on the bar, it was encouraged. 

I made Drew his own Johnny Bender t-shirt. I wanted one nice picture of the t-shirt. Just one. I got this.

I probably should have specified that I wanted one nice picture of the t-shirt and Drew. My bad.

The picture was a South Park-style rendering of the official band photo at the time.

On the back was the tour name I assigned them along with the show we were going to that night.

Mike liked to tell people that Chris would give them two dollars for coming to the see them play. For the Thanksgiving show, Mike announced Chris was giving away turkeys! To this day, I still want my turkey.

The shirt looks kinda cheesy now, but I assure you that in 2007 this was a really cool t-shirt. So cool that Mike asked if I wanted to be the band manager, which included all the perks of booking gigs, putting up posters, and being able to say I'm the band's manager. I said no, but I'll head-up the merchandising department! We can have hoodies, and car magnets, and key fobs, and beer coozies, etc... etc... It's probably a good thing that job never panned out. If it had, I imagine my attic would be full right now with boxes of Johnny Bender bobblehead dolls, Johnny Bender pens, Johnny Bender beer labels...

Damn it. Now I want to make some Johnny Bender bobblehead dolls. And beer labels. That would have been so cool. <Sigh.>

Johnny Bender's changed since 2007. They are still an amazing band, but they have a different drummer now. A local chap by the name of Sal. Or Joe. I never did figure out the business with his name. I call him, "That guy who's the drummer for Staind." Yep. Staind. When he's not rocking out with Johnny Bender, Sal-Joe is a drummer for a popular metal band.

Johnny Bender doesn't play out much anymore. But when they do, it's kind of impressive...

The light show is more high tech.

The Turning Stone dancing girls wear a little less clothing. 

Two programmers and a firefighter have come a long way from The Milk Station, The Cato Hotel, and J&B's. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to have gone to their heads. If it does, I'll dig out the email Mike sent me eight years ago asking if we were going to their next gig, and if so, could we stay until they finish because not many people can make it all the way to two am and it makes them (and the bar) kinda sad.

Oh yeah, Mike! I still got it! Just in case...


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hello October!

It's my favorite month of the year... October!! I love the chill in the air. I don't necessarily like that we've had to turn the furnace on already, but it's still better than the humidity of summer.

I haven't been a very good blogger this year. I've been really busy and it's always on the tip of my brain when I'm doing something that it'll make for a good post. I'm sure eventually I will post about my summer adventures. I very rarely ever posted things in chronological order any way. Let's do a little bit of catch-up on the small things.

You may have noticed that I changed the look of the blog. I was getting tired of the dark red. I will likely change the photo at the top depending on the season/holiday. 

So, here's some craftiness you might have missed...

I haven't made a lot of cards. I liked this super yummy design I found on Silhouette's website.

Witches' Hats and Pumpkins are very popular this year. Stacey surprised me with a pumpkin and hat she picked up and we had a crafty afternoon decorating them. It only cost us two Fs and two GDs.

When judging the difficulty of our projects, we use the F system. As in, how many times did you say "fuck" before you were done. And Stacey throws it out there like a proper pirate. 

I tend to say "goddammit." I learned that word from my grandmother. It was her favorite swear word. RIP...goddammit.

Stacey went with her favorite color -- purple.

I make an orange one, because that's what I had ribbon for. When I went looking for items to decorate with, I was quite surprised to find my Halloween craft selection a bit sparse. How did that happen???

My girlfriend Kelly bought her own hat and painted it. She asked if I'd decorate it. Thankfully she also bought the ribbon and feather sticks too.

These are so much fun to do!

I found a paper mache cauldron at Joanns a few weeks ago. I had an idea in mind and I ran with it. 

The result was fairly close to the finished project in my mind...

Not all projects turn out well. For weeks... WEEKS!... I scoured for inexpensive plastic/foam pumpkins to make decorations I'd seen on the internet. All kinds of wonderful designs that were beginning to be recreated on my craft island. But those fake pumpkins are expensive. Even with a coupon, I can't justify the cost when it's for something I don't really need.

I did find some little foam pumpkins in the Dollar Tree. I cut them in half, painted them, and mounted them onto my picture frame. The result was... well... not great.

It's very colorful! The flower is very pretty! The pumpkin is buried. Unrecognizable really. This isn't the first time I've had a crafting fail. Just one of the few times I've shown anyone. Maybe if I scaled down the flowers too...

No time to think about that now! We're into October. Time to start the Xmas cards!