Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Retirement Laura!!!

One of my co-workers --- one of my programmers, to be more precise --- retired today. Last night there was a dinner party at The Springside in Laura's honor.

The food was from The Oak & Vine, which is the restaurant at The Springside. There were lots of delicious looking appetizers to begin with and an open bar to belly-up to before the sit-down dinner. I had a half-glass of Riesling and avoided the appetizers. Mainly because I'm a picker and once I start, I can take out an entire tray in minutes. So I wisely avoided it.

For dinner I had the Chicken Coq au Vin with olive oil mashed potatoes. It was excellent! Just divine. There was quite a bit of it too. I stopped when I was full, noticed I had a half plate left, and let them take it away. Normally I would have forced it all in figuring I'd paid for it, I was leaving with it. But whether I eat it or it goes in the trash it doesn't matter. It's still "waste." And why carry the waste on my waist? I'm learning to push away from the table when I'm full.

Before you say, "Why not take it home in a doggie bag?" I can tell you from experience that it will not get re-heated and eaten. I mean, that's just the reality of it. Save myself the trouble and just let the restaurant dispose of it.

After dinner was cake, which I again passed on. It was cake from the Patisserie. That's tantamount to Fat Sacrilege. Passing up Patisserie cake??? Carrot cake, even! But I did. And I didn't even feel that bad about it. I was full from dinner still.

So, a good, but sad day. It was a very nice dinner with a lot of great people. But I will really miss Laura. She was great to work with. Happy Retirement Laura. You've earned it a hundredfold.