Sunday, January 4, 2015

World's Most Boring Review of 2014

All the blogs I subscribe to have posted reviews of the year 2014. Of course, the blogs I subscribe to are far more professional than I will ever be. (Or ever want to be.) I like to think that my writing style is a niche all unto its own. I call it, "Honesty and bleep words that I won't be ashamed of years from now." Because, believe me, there are lots of things I could say (and have said in private) about my fellow (wo)man, but I refrain from doing so on the internet. My decision is because I hate when negativity is spewed unto the masses. I try to find the positive in everything and to keep life light. So I try not to do the same thing here.

Unless it's funny. In comedy, all bets are off. If you find something I say offensive, then chances are you're a dower prude with no sense of humor and you should probably just kill yourself. (Like that --- THAT was funny. So laugh, damn you, laugh as if your life depends on it!!!!!)

In typical Stephanie fashion, here's my (previously unwritten about) year 2014 in review...

Grandma died on February 18, 2014

Not the way you want to start out the new year, but that's life for ya! That photo was taken in May when the ground had softened and she could be buried. Someone suggested I take a picture for my parents, who could not come up for the actual burial. Seemed a bit sick. But I'm glad I did because it's a nice reminder of how beautiful a day it was. Grandma would have been appalled that we'd spent it in a cemetery burying her.

Dorothy Jean Vannais McLean was an amazingly creative individual imbued with a myriad of crazy issues, a number of which I have inherited. I am the brain of an Emerson-Vannais in the body of a Deal. I have been gratefully cursed...

To see a web album full of pics of Grandma over the years, click on the below.

Yes - that's me and my Grandmother. 
No - no one in my family likes wearing pants. 
And, again, no - I'm not wearing them even as I type this. Ha. Ha.

Birthday Dinner Trip in Alex Bay

You:  Whoa! Skipping from February to August???
Me:  Yeah. You got a problem with that?
You:  No. I guess not. Lead on.

For my birthday in August, Drew had a surprise for me.

~ A dinner cruise on Alex Bay ~ 

We had a fantastic time! The dinner was okay. The cruise was amazing! A young singer, accompanied by his guitar and a great sound system, sang on the top deck where we sat for the majority of the ride. The view was glorious and the atmosphere relaxing. I highly recommend it to everyone to do once in their life with the person they love. (Yes, I can be that sappy sometimes.)

Just make sure you turn your phone off. The roaming charges to Canada are outrageous. And yes, your phone will at some point think you skipped the country. ;)

Alex Bay Birthday Dinner Cruise 2014

Drew went to get me wine from the bar. 
He came back with the wine version of a Little Hug. 
Honestly, the wine was crap... but the Little Hug was so cute!!!

Scharoun Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach in September 2014

In September, Drew and I booked the company's big condo in Myrtle Beach and invited his family to come on vacation with us. I was nervous as all get-out.

1.  I'm not a cook.
2.  I don't like playing on the beach. (But I love to look at it and hear it.)
3.  I don't like kids...usually.
4.  I have no idea what I'm doing anymore.

My fears were completely unfounded. As it turns out, nobody else cares about any of that either! The first thing my mother-in-law said was, "We're gonna eat out, right? I don't want to cook." I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!! The nephews were a riot without being annoying. (Believe it or not, I like to watch them playing video games. I could watch them play Arkham City for hours! I even help them cheat when they're stuck. I am the cool google Aunt!) And the weather was good enough that the beach-dwellers got to enjoy themselves.

I'm so grateful his family could go with us. Drew and I got to share our company's amazing generosity (and possibly be impressive for once. *wink*). It was so incredibly cool and we have a fantastic time!! You can see the incriminating evidence pictures by clicking on the below.

Myrtle Beach 2014

Brother-in-law Peter, mother-in-law Robyn, and hubby Drew. 
After all these years, she still has to split them up.

Halloween at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Drew and I had the pleasure of re-visiting the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire this year. We picked mid-October and we went with the Gilfus sisters! Like us, Stacey and Shelly are Renfest enthusiasts and love a good adventure. This was an adventure not to be missed!!!

We tried Scotch Eggs!!!
    You don't talk about Scotch Egg Club!!! (Inside joke -- sorry.)
We took part in a pirate auction. 
    I bid on and won a sword! Argh!!!
We found a new band we love --- Tartanic. Whose very name makes a certain unnamed party member swoon with delight.
    No! It's not Drew!!

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire - Oct 2014

Isn't he dashing??? I just adore him in his costume.

Halloween with the Syracuse Crunch

In case I haven't said this before... I hate kids. So, it should come as no surprise that Drew and I have no interest in passing out free candy to the ungrateful future-felons of America. Each year we try to find something else to do. This year we went to see the Syracuse Crunch take on the Rochester Amerks.

Or more accurately, see the Syracuse Crunch get their asses handed to them by the Rochester Amerks. The Crunch lost 3-0.

BUT!!! We did have a great time.

Syracuse fans dress up for Halloween. My fave costume was the blind ref.

And look!!! The Hanson's are still there!!! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, watch the movie "Slapshot," starring Paul Newman. And furthermore, if you thought I was referring to the band "Hanson," we are no longer friends.)

Another thing that makes a hockey game great??? BEER! Molson's, to be precise. Plus, the Memorial serves Beak & Skiff Hard Cider. Noms all around!!!!

November Wine Trail Trip

My cousins the Ottleys invited us to go on a trip along the wine trail with them and several friends in a limo bus. I, of course, said, "HELL YEAH!!!!!!"

We had sooooooo much fun. I have pictures, but they are all blurry. I wonder why???

Christmas Eve

We end this year pretty much where we began. With deceased grandparents.

On Christmas Eve --- after the office luncheon --- after the gift exchanges --- after everything had quieted down --- Drew and I made a little trek to the Owasco Rural Cemetery to put a little wreath on Grandma and Grandma McLean's grave. Grandma used to do this and I decided it was something I wanted to do.

Afterwards, we went to Sand Hill Cemetery in Dresserville to put a wreath on Grandma and Grandpa Searls headstone. I hadn't told my mother I was doing this for her parents. When I emailed her the picture later that day, it was a surprise that made her cry.

The cemetery isn't nearly as far away as I remember as a kid. I will have to visit much more often.

This may very well be my new Christmas Eve tradition. Go to work. Leave at 11. Go to Springside and celebrate Christmas with my fellow employees by stuffing our faces with cheese souffle. Go to the cemetery and wish my Grandparents a Merry Christmas. Go home and nap until New Years. Swear we'll never eat that much cheese souffle again!

Next year, I think I'll add a trip Christmas Eve Night to Tina and Rob's house to party with the Ottleys. They're crazy as heck and they're my family so they have to accept me! HAHAHAHA!!!

Happy Belated New Years.