Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I made another recipe today in the crockpot. Jambalaya! I loved it. Drew thought it was too spicy. Drew's suddenly developed a delicate disposition and can't handle spicy things. He'll eat the hot pepper off everyone's salad. He'll eat spicy wings. He'll eat wasabi peanuts. But not my Jambalaya. I ate it and I can tell you it wasn't too spicy at all. I think someone just didn't want to eat his dinner. Baby.

If you're interested...

The only thing I did different was to leave out the cajun seasoning. I used 2 packages of Uncle Ben's Cajun Rice, so I figured that was enough. And I do really prefer chicken sausage to turkey sausage.

A trick with the sausage...freeze it. Then just before you put it in run it a few seconds under hot water. It will loosen the skin so you can peel it right off, but keep it frozen enough that you can cut it up easily into slices. Much easier to handle.

I also added a big orange pepper to mine.

Jason - Yes, there's leftovers if you want some and don't have a prissy tummy.


One bit of positive news about Drew - He started his "Couch to 5K" today. C25K is a program designed to get a non-runner off the couch and have them running 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) in 9 weeks.

He started on Week 2 because he thinks he's not exactly couch material. I will keep on his tuckus now to make sure he keeps it up.

Drew uses the C25K for Android app to help him with his program.


As most people know, I'm not a morning person. I usually growl at people in the morning and make zombie-like noises until 9-ish. I've been doing much better lately since getting up to use the treadmill in the morning. The fact that I actually get up earlier than usual and do this is nothing short of a miracle. And there is really only one reason in the whole world why I'm able to get up early. It's not motivation. It's not self-control.

It's a warm bedroom.

When Drew renovated the bedroom he insulated the heck out of it! Walls, ceiling, floor. It's got a super-tight brand new window in it too. That room is always warm. And it's got an amazingly soft, plush carpet that feels so nice under my toesies! I don't mind getting up early in the morning so much anymore because my room is a joy to be in. Before, the room was freezing. The rug was disgusting. The windows leaked like a sieve. Getting out of bed was painful. Not anymore!!

To help encourage me to get up, I have an exercise bag all ready from the night before. I put my exercise clothes in it and hang it from the bathroom door. So I just get up, go to the toilet, change, chug downstairs, get on the treadmill. It could not be any easier!

This is just one little habit that is adding up to some huge changes in my life. Actually, two habits! The warm bedroom also makes it enjoyable to go to bed. I've been getting more sleep because of it. And that is something that was direly missing from my life before. Sleep...zzzzzz

And if I do have a morning that I still don't want to get up I just remember the immortal words of my buddy Jason, who said in his fantastic blog yesterday, "NEVER SKIP A WORKOUT!" Those words came in handy this morning. Thanks Temporary Fat Jason!