Sunday, January 8, 2012

Craft Organization - Part 1

Our dining room has been taken over by our various hobbies and part-time jobs. It's where I make my cards, Drew houses his Tastefully Simple stuff, we both have TOPS stuff in there, the beer-making center is here and in one of the corners there's rumors of a wine rack. Since we never use the room for actual dining, seems kind of silly to continue to call it the Dining Room. We should probably call it the Junk Room. Some people have a Junk Drawer. We have a room full of stuff.

This weekend I decided I needed to get some of my stuff out of the drawers, hung and organized. It's hard to make cards when you are constantly bent over sifting thru drawers looking for buried punches or boxes of ribbon.

And check out what we did!

Is it not awesome or what??? It was just a blank wall. (Very blank. Still no tape, mud or paint - staying that way until the kitchen is done!) This weekend we put up towel racks to hold the punches and ribbon, and put a shelf up over all of it. Ok, when I say we, I mean mostly Drew. But I supervised A LOT! You can't just let geeks run rampant with powertools. I would have had towels racks on the outside of the house and shelves going sideways up the stairs. Chaos!

The entire space is neat and organized now. And I can see my punches! Sure there's another drawer of them there, but those are the holiday ones that won't get used much or edgers and small punches, which don't fit on the racks. (I have WAY too much stuff.)

Right next to the cardmaking center is the beermaking center. It's all under that green cloth, with the exception of the plastic Mr. Beer keg on top of my stamp shelves. (Wow, I have a lot of stamps.)

I won't kid you. I still have the opposite side of the room that has another two bookshelves of paper and cardmaking accessories & supplies. It's a hobby I really enjoy doing and sharing with others. Drew doesn't mind. He's been known to sit down once in a while with me and make cards. Ok, really only if Stacey's there too, but I try to ignore that little fact. At least he's not complaining about how much I spend on the stuff!

Oh, that reminds me. I'm having a Stampin' Up Workshop on Saturday January 28th at 1:00 pm. It's my annual Sale-A-Bration party, so there's lots of bargains and lots to spend! Especially for me.

If I turned the livingroom into a craft annex, do you think Drew would miss it?