Monday, December 23, 2013

This Year's Christmas Cards

This year I combined the use of some new crafting items to make Christmas Cards.

First, I made 25 Telescoping Snowman cards.

This is the card when it's folded up...

On the back, I've written in silver metallic marker...

This one is for Jeff's mother Phylis. Her daughter Michelle stopped me on the street a few weeks ago to inform me that Phylis keeps all the cards I make on a special board. She's definitely getting a homemade card this year!

And here's our snowman fully open!

The hat, nose and scarf are from a digital download from Silhouette. The circles are all cut from the Silhouette Portrait as well. I love my little cutting machine! It was an early Christmas gift to myself, and I could not be more pleased!

I hand-drew the mouth on. The eyes are obviously googlies. The berries, dimples, and snowflake bling are stick-on gems from ACMoore. The snowflakes and greeting are from the Stampin' Up set Snow Swirled. I used Pool Party and metallic silver ink. I had experimented with putting twig arms on him, but I hated it and decided to leave them off.

I forgot to take a picture, but I made square envelopes using the new Envelope Punch Board from Stampin Up. Since these cards aren't being mailed out but hand-delivered, I used up a bunch of cheap scrapbook paper to make the envelopes. Now instead of being in a gigantic pile of paper I will never use, they're adorable envelopes!

The dimensions for those that want to know: 
  black scallop = 4.25"
  green circle = 3.75"
  red circle = 3.25"
  white circles = 3.75", 3.25", 2.75"

The second card I made this year was a sleigh.

I cut out the sleigh using the Silhouette Portrait. The corners were done with a punch from Stampin' Up. The "glowing" bow is actually cut from silver foil paper. I'm not sure I like this card. It does look better in person, but it took a long time to put together and in my mind it was prettier. But I made 30 of them and they are definitely getting handed/mailed out.

The third card I made this year I actually made last January.

Don't remember anything about it, but I'm sure it's all Stampin' Up stuff.

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Craft Project: Christmas Wreath #3 plus a Bonus Wreath

Todays' wreath was a quick one. It's a side wreath.

Before I started I googled "how to make a wreath bow" and found several excellent videos on YouTube. I followed the one I was interested in making for today's wreath, and I made my bow the first time in under five minutes. So easy!

I attached it to the wreath, hot glued flowers and berries around it, and finish it off with some tulle. I added a little rope loop on the back for hanging, and voila! One Christmas wreath for my livingroom. I'm so happy with it.

I thought I'd share the below wreath with you too. I made this a couple weeks ago. My friend Teena's mother Sharon has a wreath-making shed! It's amazing! She invited me and Stacey over to make wreaths. This is the real deal! We made the entire thing. Everything from cutting up pine tree branches to form the wreath to attaching the baubles. It was so much fun!

Below is Sharon and the wreaths Stacey and I made. And yes, we do drink wine while we craft in the shed!

Thank you Teena and Sharon! I can't wait until Christmas is over so we can hit the stores for after Christmas clearance deals! Gotta start gathering the baubles for next year's wreaths!

Merry Craftmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Craft Project: Christmas Wreath #2 - KHAAAAAAAN!!!

I'm a Star Trek fan. At one point in my life I was a Trekkie. I once owned a cassette on How to Speak Conversational Klingon. My costume box contained Klingon forehead make-up, along with a homemade communicator pin. (I might still have that!)

I'm not as big a fan as I used to be. In fact, if Star Trek is on TV I will probably turn the channel. The original series still keeps my attention most of the time, but I lost interest in TNG, DS9, and the rest of the franchise years ago. The movies with the original cast are still awesome. Can't say as I care for the others. Sorry!

Last week, Jason sent me a link to a picture of a Wreath of Khan and joked that it was a craft I should be making.

Monday morning at work, Jason received the below.

This is quite possibly the coolect thing I've ever made.

QISmaS Quch Daghajjaj!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yoga Christmas Card

My yogini Theresa had a Christmas party at her house for her yoga students. I decided to make some cards for everyone. There aren't many Yoga Christmas card out there. I'm very pleased this since I came up with the idea and design.

Except for the light yellow and green background, everything else was cut using my Silhouette Portrait.

I love making yoga cards and plan to make more in the future because they are kind of rare.

~ Namaste ~

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Salute to my Silhouette Portrait with a silhouette portrait

I have been once again inspired by Pinterest to create a picture frame craft. This is based on a few things I saw, so credit goes to everyone!

The music paper was a free download from Flickr. I printed it to off-white cardstock, which I taped to a piece of stiff white board and put in the frame in front of the glass.

The tree and woman were cut-out using my Silhouette Portrait. My favorite toy on the planet. (Besides Drew. XOX)

I went to the Silhouette website to get a link to the digital download of the woman and tree, but I couldn't find one. Nor could I find the image in my previously downloaded purchases. I'm thinking this was one of the freebies that came with the machine. The Portrait comes with over 50 designs. I have over 150 designs in my software now, and I can't remember where they all came from. So, I'm going to have to say this one came with the machine.

You can't tell from the photo, but the tree and woman are popped up from the paper with extra large puffy stickies. I tried to take a side picture of the frame to show off the layers, but it didn't work. My photography skills are sorely lacking. I even have a super-awesome pro camera! I'm proof that all the technology in the world doesn't mean squat if you don't know how to use it. Someday I'll take a class or get help with it. Someday...

I like this frame and will experiment with more things like this. Next time I'll see if I can fade the paper a little so it's not so bright. Make it look older. Dull the print. I don't think I'll put the sticky gems on the tree either. Need to make a different ornament for her to hold. I don't know. I'll have to think that one over. But it's definitely worth visiting again.

Happy Crafty Holidays!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christie's Stampin' Up Workshop

Christie had her Stampin' Up Workshop this past November. I'm just now getting around to taking pics of the cards and posting them.

The swap theme was Winter Holidays.

(L to R) Teena made tags with To: and From: on the back, Stacey made a Mrs. Claus dress card, Karen made a wreath with lots of little scallop circles. All very cute!

Christie made a red snowflake that slipped into the pocket of the card (hard to explain, very awesome in person). Laurie made the one on the top right with a snowman and a little snowflake - super cute! Terrie made the one on the bottom, which was very sparkly and embossed, and unfortunately it doesn't photograph well. Also very cute!

Then comes the blue cards! Jessica - Shirley - Teresa. I was never a fan of blue as a Christmas color until recently, and now I can't get enough of it.  Even though Shirley punched hers out backwards, it's still adorable.

And me! I had to be completely different. I made ornaments. I signed the back so they couldn't give it away without having to tape something over it. Ha!

These are the cards we made at the workshop. Just love those colors! Jessica always has such great cards for us to make, and she has the patience of a saint. I spend most of the class saying three things:
"Can I see that sales flyer?"
"I don't remember this stamp set. What page in the book is that on?"
"What are we doing now?"
Bless her big heart for putting up with us.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Book Trees

I've got two Christmas Book Trees to show you. They are based on book trees that I'd seen on Pinterest. Instead of doing a complete tree, I did a half-tree and glued it to a picture frame. I finished it off with some embellishments.

Below is the first one I made, and it hangs on my wall. I used my own book "Game of Hearts." Instructions on how to fold the book can be found on Kayla Aimee's website. It's very easy. My half-trees were two sets of 30 pages, for a total of 60 folded pages.

I put a piece of cardboard with patterned scrapbook paper securely taped to it in front of the picture frame glass. The tree is hot-glued to the paper. I hot-glued greenery and berries to the bottom. The top is a flattened poinsettia flower with a silver snowflake (Stampin' Up glimmer paper with the Snow Flurry die cut) and a gold star (more Stampin' Up glimmer paper and star punch). That's it! It's quick and easy!

My girlfriend Kelly liked it so much she commissioned one for her kitchen. She loves the Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check pattern, so I created a black & white checkerboard background. I hot-glued greenery, burgundy berries, and gold sprigs to the bottom. For the top, I sewed together a circle of burgundy tulle with the same silver snowflake as mine, then a smaller snowflake that I tinted light burgundy, then the gold star on top.

Kelly loved it and it's received a lot of attention. All positive!

My only regret is I used the last 60 pages of my book for her tree (since there were no adult situations at the end of the book - hint, hint) but when I glued the two pieces to the frame, I put them together backwards. So the page in the middle is the last one with my bio. It's nearly blank and kind of sticks out. To me anyway. No one else seems to notice or care.

I will be hitting up used book sales to look for books to make more book trees for next year. Preferably older looking books without so many provocative words in it. Music books would be excellent for these too. I really like the way these came out, and I think it'll be something very unique.