Monday, December 26, 2011


It was a wonderful Christmas this year. We went to Pete & Mo's (Drew's brother & sister-in-law). We were joined by Robyn (Drew's mother) and a few members of Mo's family. We played Trivia Pursuit and ate too much. It was a good day and I had a lot of fun.

We had today off from work and we didn't waste it. Normally we'd go winery hopping or some other fun daytrip, but this year I got the DIY itch. We did work around the house. The plan was to clean the upstairs bathroom, re-caulk the tub, re-paint the ceiling and put in a new light & fan. We got as far as clean and re-caulk, but it was an exhausting job. And the tub has never looked so good. We found that Magic Eraser is about the only substance that will clean our tub, which is apparently made out of some space-age ceramic.

Whoever the moron was that put in the tub/shower walls should be shot. Nothing really fits. My camera doesn't really show it, but it's CLEAN!!!

My mother will be pleased to see we put up the shower shelf she gave Drew for Xmas. We're debating getting the entire ceiling-to-tub pole unit that they have in their bathroom now. We quite like it.

One of the reasons we didn't finish the ceiling and light-fan portion of the job is that we did several other things, like clean the kitchen (including fridge, freezer and stove), clean the livingroom, re-organize some of the diningroom, and put together the necklace rack!!

I wanted a rack to hang my necklaces on because they are too big and there's too many for the armoire. So we went to Home Depot today and found some parts to make our own. Drew put so many screws into the thing when securing it to the wall I think I can hang shanks of meat and dead bodies from it. That sucker's not going anywhere! I love it though.

And because so many people asked for are some photos of the newly re-decorated bedroom.

We haven't gotten around to putting up pictures or decorations yet. I'm almost afraid to.

Yes, that is a little cat portal on the bottom right-hand side of the door. Anyone who owns a cat knows that you can't close the door. They will either:
A. claw a hole in the door,
B. claw up the rug under the door,
C. bang their head into the door until you open it, or
D. all of the above.
Our cats are D's. So there's a little cat door for them to get in and out of the bedroom because the door is almost always closed.

The ceiling is the same tin-look cardboard composite as the other ceilings we've done, but the pattern is larger. We kept it white. The crown molding is a whole bunch of pieces put together. And we have our standard corner block pieces along with the corner trim strip. All that trim is for hiding the imperfections in our very-not-square Victorian house, but it looks very ornate without being too grotesque. I love it!!!

The walls are a dusty rose and the curtains are wine colored. I picked a semi-gloss paint for the walls and that was a mistake. It's a little "shiny". In retrospect, I should have stuck with matte. One nice thing about it is it's almost washable. And we're slobs, so that's nice. HAHA!

I don't have a good picture of it, but the rug is a lovely mixed brown color. The color of a really good beer. It's super-soft and plush. We didn't skimp there. It's the one thing I demand in my bedroom. A nice rug. We got a high-grade pad under it too, so it's super soft. And Drew insulated the room so well that when we come home and the house is 60 degrees it's 70 in the bedroom. Heavenly!!!