Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8th

Isn't pretty? That's my front door. The wreath in the middle is a new addition this year. A gift from my BFF Stacey. She made it. It's gorgeous! And is perfect between our only other decorations. Ok, it's not our only other decorations, but the only decorations we put up. Our house is so full of stuff we don't dare bring out Xmas decor. We have no place for the tree, which the cats will just pee on, or chew on then puke up. We're not bah-humbugs. We're just not fond of housework. Decorating falls in that category.

But we do absolutely love our porch. The picture's not great, but it really is so lovely when it's lit up. And the best part? The lights are on a timer. NO MAINTENANCE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

That is the world's smallest Amaryllis. It's full name is Naughty Lady Dwarf Amaryllis. "Naughty Lady" refers to the color. And I didn't make that up! Google it! "Dwarf" refers to the size. Although, technically speaking a Dwarf Amaryllis is apparently supposed to be 18-22 inches in size. This plant is only about 8 inches. I'm thinking it's a Hobbit Amaryllis. Or Garden Gnome Amaryllis.

It comes as a bulb in a box. You plant it, water it occasionally and it just grows. This was planted and grew to this size in less than 2 weeks. My parents sent it to me because they hate me. (I despise plants. It's agricultural housework.) Years ago Drew & I grew a huge Amaryllis Mom & Dad sent us, but the cat knocked it over and it broke. This one I took to work to avoid the same fate. It's just my fate that I would grow the world's shortest Amaryllis on my desk.

It's quite lovely though. And there's two more flowers on it waiting to bloom very shortly. Maybe even as soon as tomorrow.

This is my co-worker and buddy Hoyt at trivia last week. It was his birthday. Everytime he answered a question he'd yell out, "The balloons have spoken!" He wore the crown for a good two hours before anyone told him it said, "Winging Beauty."

He was thrilled to hear it.

And my final piece of news...

Yes. It's another book that we published.
Yes. That's a creepy cover.
Yes. It would make a great Xmas present for anyone who likes creepy stuff.

Buy it on AMAZON. For someone who likes horror.