Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Update for My Health-Conscious Homies

Just a little update for my buddies who are working out and eating healthy, so if you were expecting cards or cats or a story about how Drew electrocuted himself trying to re-wire the kitchen, just move along!

(FYI - Drew didn't electrocute himself because he hasn't re-wired the kitchen yet. At this point you can't run two things at the same time or you blow a fuse.) (Yeah, Drew! I know! It's breakers, not fuses! It's just an expression! Geez!)

I'm back on the treadmill full-time and not just a couple days a week. We're talking 5-6 mornings a week. I'm up to 0.30 mile jogging. I do it in three 0.10 stints. I have no idea if that's a good idea or what, but it's more than I usually do so it can't be bad. And this morning I feel fantastic!

(As my co-workers have painfully discovered. I'm pretty sure no one likes a happy co-worker who is trying to improve their lives and visibly enjoys doing so.)

When I get to a half mile, I might throw a party. Really. That's my goal for the month.

My eating hasn't been good. I mean, it's not what it used to be, but I have been absolutely terrible on a few occasions. I'm not beating myself up about it. Just being honest. And I know you're allowed your "eff it" days, but I've had more than my share in the past couple weeks. I'm good for breakfast and lunch. It's dinner where I go gonzo occasionally.

Jason's blog today has got me rethinking my breakfast options. Currently I'm following the "protein bar and yogurt on the go" plan. It works well for me. I bring them to work and eat them at my desk. Anything else is like a chore.

The bar and yogurt fill me and I really enjoy them. I do have to have some kind of snack mid-morning or I'm a raging byotch by lunch. It's usually a cheesestick and a 100 calorie pack of cookies. I have no idea if the cookies are healthy, but I love them! I refuse to eat things I don't like or I merely tolerate. If I'm gonna do this the rest of my life, I have to enjoy it.

I think it's time that I sat down and evaluate everything I eat. Figure out the complete nutritional value. So far I've just been watching the calorie count and eating smaller portions and avoiding junk I know I shouldn't eat. It's a good plan. But I want to go further with it. I may have to look for some alternatives and move some things around. Seriously consider doing what I've been avoiding for all of my life...

Get up early enough to make and eat a healthy breakfast with the desired nutritional value.

Ugh. Wish me luck.