Friday, February 3, 2012

If this had been an actual zombie emergency…

Thursday. Weigh-in night. I’d missed it last week because I’d attended a retirement party, which I very much enjoyed. I didn’t how much I’d miss my Tops Club meeting though. Last night I was excited to go. I actually couldn’t wait to get on the scale. I didn’t feel any thinner. In fact, I felt fatter than ever. But I still wanted to see if there was any improvement.

Lost three and a half pounds. Squee!

After the meeting we came home and ate a healthy meal --- Drew grilled Aldi’s pork chops marinated in Wegman’s Spiedie Sauce --- super yummy!!! (FYI – Aldi’s pork chops are the most tender, juicy pork chops we’ve ever had. I highly recommend them!) Then I pulled up my spreadsheet, charted out a menu for the upcoming week, found some great recipes to try, and declared I was happy and in the groove again!

I should point out that my brains are still trying to escape thru my ocular socket, but it’s not bothering me as much. I’m determined to not let it stop me. This morning I got up and got on the treadmill. And I jogged too! So maybe I'm not turning into a zombie and it was all just a headache induced funk. I still entertain thoughts of murdering the people around me with my bare hands, but now it’s for fun and not because of pure rage. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy my pork...yummy, yummy pork...

nom nom nom  Patient Zero : Hour Zero