Sunday, February 26, 2012

Congratulations Wales!!!

It was a weekend of maintenance and cardmaking. I cleaned up my bookshelf in the kitchen and organized my recipes into a nice binder. Then I made a bunch of cards while catching up in the 6 Nations Rugby games.

Wales had already defeated Ireland and Scotland earlier this year. And today I watched them go on to defeat England 19-12 to win the Triple Crown. Wales is just two matches away (Italy & France) of winning the Grand Slam.

In the meantime, I was inspired to make a card in Wales' colors (red & white) while watching the game.

I also made some birthday cards that I'd been dying to do.

I made some cards using the "happy" quote stamp set I have. I love the card on the left, and hate the card on the right. It didn't come out the way I envisioned in my mind.

And finally --- I shouldn't be posting this, but I just gotta!!! Below are the cards I made for the next swap in March.

The challenge I gave the group was to do a One Sheet Wonder (OSW). It's when you take one sheet of paper and cut it up, using all of the pieces to make an array of cards. I downloaded a template from online and used a dual-sided piece of paper. The multi-colored pattern is on one side and the purple design is on the other.

At first I was hating it and wished I hadn't posted this challenge, but when I got done I loved it!!! I struggled to start it, but once I got the idea of making five different designs and just doing it in both colors by flipping the paper, it was a breeze. The only big mistake I made was on the "Wonderful You" cards I accidently forgot to turn the paper over on one of the cards so they are both the multi-colored design. But that's trivial since they're both quite nice still.