Sunday, February 12, 2012

John R. Deal

My dad discovered Google Image search the other day and immediately set about looking for pics of himself and everyone else in the family. To his dismay, no pics of himself. I have no idea if this will end up in the Google Image search, but this is my attempt to get him there.

This is Mom and Dad (John R. Deal) at Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, waiting for the 2008 Heineken Cup Final to start. Shortly after this photo was taken, another 70,000+ people would arrive. And sitting behind us would be crazed fans wearing multi-colored clown wigs who would curse and swear at the referees, then apologize profusely to my mother for their cursing and swearing. When they found out my mother was an American with absolutely no idea how Rugby is played, they would curse and swear then explain to her exactly why they were cursing and swearing. Most polite crazed fans we'd ever met. Very user-friendly and informant. Actually, all Rugby fans are like that, as a rule. My father (John R. Deal) feared we were going to get in a fight. I explained that Rugby and Soccer are not the same sport. We had a magnificent time!