Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fish Soup

Two quick items before I head off to Tuesday Night Trivia.

I made Slow Cooker Potato Soup yesterday. We loved it! And it was so easy. Two other women I work with made it this weekend (Hi Joanie & Kelly!!!!). They both agreed that it's awesome! The recipe came from plainchicken.com. You can get it HERE.

I made it exactly as it was written. Next time I will use less chicken broth, since I like my soups super-duper-creamy. And I will probably put chicken in it. Just because I like chicken. Definitely putting Bacon Bacon in it too. Yummers!

And tonight I made an uber-cute card. Just had to share!!!

It's based on a card from Frenchie's site today. My girlfriend at work (who will go unnamed!!) asked if I'd make one like it for her to give her hubby.

Now I'm off to Buffalo Wild Wings for Trivia Night. I'm in a mood most fowl and I'm preparing to demolish the menu there. I'm hungry and cranky. I need to throw myself violently from the wagon for the evening. Hopefully I'll do it so hard I'll bounce back up. Terrible theory, I know, but sometimes you just gotta. At least I'm not kidding myself about it.