Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Cards

Yesterday was the benefit for my cousin Stacey and her husband Drew. They lost their house, all their possessions and four cats in a devastating fire. We helped sell tickets and collected donations for them. We went to the benefit and I was looking forward to seeing all the bands, but a couple hours into it I didn't feel very well. We left with the idea that we'd come back a little later. We never made it back. I ended being terrible sick and Drew is medicated for a sinus infection and he slept like the dead.

The good news is the benefit went well and we're both doing much better today. In fact, I'm doing so much better I haven't had any headaches or eye problems today. So I spent a lot of the day making cards!!!

I finished up a couple birthday cards that I'd started a while ago and never finished.

I made some more Fishies In Love cards...

And my big project of the day, two Hearts...

It's a dual-sided card. And it's too big for the normal sized envelopes we use. I don't think it's anything anyone will even want, but everyone will go, "Ooooooo! That's pretty!" I loved making it!

The idea for the card came from Connie Collins. And while mine is different from hers, I still give her credit for the idea because that's where I saw it first.

I also worked on some other projects that I've been tinkering with. Made some owls and little animals to go on some cards someday. And I made a card that I was commissioned to do for a co-worker's anniversary of Fishies In Love in her designated colors.

So the weekend wasn't half bad after all, and it's not done. I'm still making cards... :)