Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Adventures of Butterball: Tapout W2,D2

* The Adventures of Butterball are true stories about my *
* trials and tribulations as a stupid fat girl.  Enjoy! *

Soooo, how we doin'?


Pre-workout mood:  It's Sunday morning. I'm awake and ready to go. I'm a little nervous. I don't remember this workout and I didn't go back and review. Apparently it's my Easter surprise!

Day 9 is Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs

Been there, done that. How will we do compared to the last time?

I won't bother going through the highlights because I've done that. Also, I have nothing to highlight. I didn't swear. I didn't scream or shout. I did have a few moment when I grunted "Don't quit!" to myself. I did every move. I modified where needed and only if needed. I pushed myself. Not to sound cliche, but...I felt the burn.

Here's the amazing part --- and it didn't occur to me until halfway through the workout --- I got up. I got down. I got up. I got down. I didn't strain, complain or stress about it. It didn't take me half the next exercise to do it. I was up and ready to go when Mike was. Unbelievable. A week ago I was struggling just to sit up. I can not pop up. (Kinda.)

This may not seem like a big deal to some people. Those people wouldn't know me. I'm easily a hundred pounds overweight. Getting up from a chair is a workout for me. No. Getting up from a chair was a workout for me. I do it now without hesitation or thought. In fact yesterday afternoon I was going to sit at my desk and work on some writing. I couldn't do it! I just had to get up and do something. I cleaned the kitchen, living room and organized the cardmaking room. I made over a dozen cards and cleaned out the filing cabinet upstairs. I shredded a supersize garbage bag of old papers we don't need anymore. I'd have shredded more but the shredder overheated and shut down. I was on the go! I even debated doing another workout just because I had so much energy. That's unheard of for me.

And that's not the end of it. I stood at my desk at work more last week than since I got the adjustable standing desk. It felt good to stand. I spent most of Thursday and Friday running around helping people with computer issues. I didn't even complain. I enjoyed it! (Ok, I might have complained about the co-worker, but not the running around part.)

The only exercise I couldn't do was the Killer Move at the end of Ultimate Abs. It requires rolling over. I did two of them and my hips hurt badly. They aren't ready to be rolled on just yet. Of course, as fate would have it Drew was coming downstairs at that precise moment. He took one look at me sprawled out on the mat and said, "Aren't you supposed to be doing that video?" Really? This from a guy that's hobbling around because he fell on his knee yesterday. "I think I need an x-ray and some PT." His sympathetic wife said, "You can move it. You're fine."

Now that was a pleasant surprise! Huh. *squee*

Tomorrow is Plyo XT. It's the undisputed hardest TapouT XT workout. I'll try to remain positive about it. Maybe I'll do much better the second time around than the first. Maybe I'll kick its ass. Maybe I'll sprout wings and fly to Jamaica. Hey, anything's possible. (Well, maybe not anything.)