Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Adventures of Butterball: Tapout Day 4

* The Adventures of Butterball are true stories about my *
* trials and tribulations as a stupid fat girl.  Enjoy! *

With the first half of the six-day workout week behind her, our heroine heads bravely into the second half of Week One. She is rested and determined.


Pre-workout mood: Not too bad. Yoga last night was amazing. It stretched me out and loosened me up. I still doped myself to sleep last night...just in case.

Day 4 is Yoga XT.

Yoga Extreme Training? Really? What am I gonna do? Elbow my invisible opponent from tree pose? Crush monk ninja skulls with my thighs while in lotus? (Yeah, I know. I'm mixing up my cultures there. It's the MMA of creative license, if you will. But honestly, monk ninjas would be awesome.)

51:00 Warm up. Mike's wearing a black & grey shirt today. Is that Under Armor? He looks like a Mike today. Niiiiice.
40:00 Well, that was a nice warm up. Nothing I haven't done many times before. Feels so good to stretch. But the warm up's done so he's probably gonna go insane on us now.
37:00 Hmm, still not going gonzo on us. The music's soothing and Mike's not yelling. Thankfully I already know the names of the movements so I can follow along easily.
35:00 Ok, when I said easily I didn't mean it was simple. It's not! It's very challenging.
33:35 Warrior One! My favorite.
32:00 Sam's got a shirt on today. His looks nice too. Even with those abs covered up. Hmm. Oops. Supposed to be in down dog. Got distracted.
26:35 Why are there puncture marks in my yoga mat? It was brand new before I started these workouts. And there's a tear and...Sweetpea! Quit chewing on my yoga mat!
18:00 Yeah, I cannot physically do that...yet. I'll just do some upward dog/downward dog to stretch my back. You continue on without me guys.
14:05 On our knees? Aaaaaah! Aaah! Ah. Ok, not so bad today. Mostly because (thanks to my yogini's advice) I've found folding up an extra yoga mat to put under my knees helps immensely. I had no knee pain last night at yoga and very little this morning. Yay!
03:55 Sit ups? Ah, you're kidding. It was going so well! Oofah! 1 Oofah! 2 Oofah! 3 Oofa-wait a minute. Am I doing sit ups? Wow.
01:20 The final move. Rolling up from our backs to our butts, legs out, legs in, roll back. Well, I hate to say it, but no Mike. I'm not doing that. I killed my butt bone doing those kinds of things with you the past two days. I cannot physically roll back without tearing up. Give me a chance to heal. I'll do that with you next week. I promise.

   Well, that was a surprise! I really liked that workout. It was still hard and I struggled at times, but it was nice to do something intense that didn't involve jumping around like an arsehole, scaring my cats and waking up the neighbors. If I hadn't already been doing yoga, I think it would have intimidated the hell out of me.
   It can never be better than a workout with my yogini though! Because when we're done we get hugs. Ahhh. Even if I was there with the TapouT team exercising I don't think I'd hug either Mike or Sam though. Great abs, but sweaty. Really, really sweaty. Blech!

   World peace.