Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Weigh-In

I haven't talked about my diet or exercise in a while.  Mostly because I haven't made any progress on it in a while.  I'd been doing the "I'm fat and I don't care" thing.  I do care, but not enough to do anything too drastic about it.  I didn't make my unhealthy situation any worse, but I didn't improve on it either.

Last week I noticed I was having very serious pains in the afternoon.  They started around 2 pm and by the end of the workday I was ready to die.  I had, "enough wind to sail my own damn boat" along with the other major gastrointestinal distress that goes along with it.  If I'd thought about it, I could have recorded an entire soundtrack of material for Jason's Masterpoo Theater series.  But I didn't think of it.  I was thinking, "What the #&*%$ is wrong with me now???"

I decided it couldn't be anything to do with lunch.  I ate something different everyday and it wasn't anything different than any other week.  For breakfast I was eating the same thing as always.  Yogurt and a breakfast bar.

After a week of it, I decided I had to do something drastic.  I felt like crap.  So I took a page from the diabetic nutritional guide that my co-worker Judy was following and announced to Drew that I was no longer eating lunch.  I was drinking it.  I picked up some Boost drinks.  They make a bunch of them for all different things.  I picked the Calorie Smart one because it's lower in sugar.  I don't have diabetes and despite my size, I'm not even close to it, but I figured I should go low-sugar anyway.

Incidently, the Boost Calorie Smart is the same nutritional formula and values as the Boost Glucose Control one and it's a $1 less.  A fact that Judy was thrilled to hear!

I also picked up the Glucerna snack bars.  Again, they're for diabetics, but I wanted to do what Judy was doing so we could encourage each other to stick to our diets.  And it's just more fun that way.  We've tried the Glucerna Caramel and the Double Chocolate bars and I have to tell you....they rock!!!  Oh my god I love them!  They're better than candy bars!  Both in taste and nutritional value.  I have the shake and snack bar for lunch and it surprisingly keeps me satisfied until dinner.

Unfortunately I kept having to make visitations to the bathroom.

Ok, so it wasn't lunch.  What in the hell was it?

We finally discovered the culprit --- Fiber One bars.  I only had the yogurt for breakfast and skipped the bar.  I was fine all day long.  Normally I eat the Aldi's bars, but I didn't want to make trips to multiple stores, so I got the Fiber One bars while we were at Wegman's last week.  No biggie.  I've eaten them many times before.  Never had a problem.  I don't know if something change in the product or if maybe something about the bar with the yogurt did something, but that was my problem.

Unfortunately I can't just eat yogurt for breakfast, so I opted for a different breakfast this week.  Bagel thin with one scrambled egg and a Laughing Cow Lite Swiss wedge.  The egg nukes in one minute, so it's a fast and healthy breakfast.  And super yummy!  I have a cup of soy milk with it to top it off.

Now I feel fantastic!  I feel so good I started running on the treadmill again!

And I lost 3-3/4 pounds this week.  I'm down over 23 pounds for the year.

Thank you Judy and Drew for your support and encouragement!  (Now to get Drew to make himself a healthy lunch instead of eating out every day.  When he's ready.  ;)