Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Drew and I went to the beach for a nice long walk.  We don't don bathing suits and play in the ocean.  It's not our thing.  But we do like to walk and occasionally stop to look for shells.

After an hour or so my water shoes fell apart.  They were a $10 bargain I've owned for a couple of years, so I'd gotten my money's worth out of them.  And it was kinda funny to watch me take them off as they were falling apart and Drew was having to run around catching the parts before they floated out to sea.

That's when I noticed my legs were bothering me.  "Drew, my legs sting."  We stopped and looked at them.


Both legs from the knees down were swollen and covered with red splotches.


It was really creepy and kinda scary.


I couldn't remember the name of it at the time.  I do now.  Cellulitis.  Hoyt's had it twice, each time after coming back from Myrtle Beach.  Are the two facts related?  No one knows.

Thankfully, after a shower my legs were fine.  Apparently my legs are allergic to the ocean now.  Great.  They've never given me a problem before and I've been in the ocean many times in my life.  Also, my hands and arms were fine.  It's really just stupid.


And just for fun, watching Humans Vs. Zombies right now on Chiller.  It's a hideous homemade movie.  It's gotta be homemade because it's terrible.  I'm not talking B-movie hideous.  I'm talking they used a hand camera and a video editing program from 1995.  No production company would ever put it's name on this piece of junk.  It's given me ideas of writing crap scripts and selling them to Chiller.  I was going to do that for SyFy but this movie is actually worse than theirs.  That's pretty bad.