Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A First!!!!

When we're in Myrtle Beach I always promise to go see one movie.  I despise sitting in movie theaters, but the ones here are so comfortable and nice that I don't mind.  Unfortunately there wasn't anything playing that we really cared about.  Ok, anything playing that I really cared about.  Drew will see just about anything.  But there was one movie in particular that he requested and I gave in.  I didn't do it gracefully either, but we did go and see the movie he asked for.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits in 3-D

It was our first 3-D movie.  The glasses weren't very comfortable since they had to fit over my regular glasses, but after a while it didn't bother me.  Mostly because the movie was hilarious!  I loved it!  If I had known that Martin Freeman (Dr. Jon Watson in Sherlock) and David Tennant (previously Dr. Who) had lent their voices to the movie I might not have been so pissy about having to go see a kid's movie.

Yes, there's a couple jokes that only grown-ups or geeks will get, but there wasn't a lot of them.  It was just funny!  It was the type of movie I imagined Monty Python would make for kids.  It was goofy.  I encourage everyone to go see it, 3-D or not.  Then you'll understand what Ham Night means!  I need to have Ham Night.

The 3-D was neat!  It was a lot better than I expected.  The last time I saw a 3-D movie you had to wear the blue and red glasses.  This was a LOT better than that!

Also worth noting --- the preview for Rise of the Guardians looks incredible!!!!!!!!!!  Check out the trailer at  The trailer playing on a huge 3-D screen blew me away!  I cannot wait for that!

The preview for Brave looked good too.

Meanwhile...IT'S HAM NIGHT!