Friday, May 4, 2012

Tropic Thunder

Since Drew got to pick our theater date this week, I decided I wanted to watch something inhouse.  There's a decent selection of blu-ray movies here, so I went thru and picked Tropic Thunder to watch.  I loved it.  Robert Downey Jr was brilliant and Jack Black was hilarious.  My favorite part of the movie was the fact that Drew had no idea it was Tom Cruise as Les Grossman.  HAHAHA!

We watched the extras at the end to see his make-up test and found out that the whole dancing thing was Cruise's idea.  There wasn't even any music at the time.  He just improved it and Stiller liked it so much that he re-wrote the script to include the dancing scenes.  Genius!

The promo video they made for the MTV Movie Awards was in the extras also.  Again, Robert Downey Jr just makes this scene.  I'd tell you why, but you have to watch it.  Super, wicked funny.  Go watch it HERE.  Embedding was disabled or I'd just put it here to be watched.


We watched another episode of Game of Thrones.  #3.  No one was killed or screwed in this episode.  And so far it's my favorite.  Not because there was no blood or other bodily fluid, but you got to learn more about The Wall.  I'm fascinated by The Wall and the wild creatures behind it.  Need more of that stuff.  More dark fantasy, less political/royal turmoil.  It reminds me too much of something I could see on the History Channel.  If the History Channel actually showed quality shows about history instead of shows about ancient aliens and fast cars.  I like Top Gear, but really?  On the History Channel?

My fave characters so far are Jon Snow and Tyrion.  Because I'm pretty sure they're the smartest people on the show.  Yes, the half-dressed barbarians are very nice to drool over and I'm sure the viewers enjoy the scantily-clad whores, but I like the smart characters.  Because they are my only hope to...


The more I think about it, the more the JCPenney catalog model needs to go.  Mr. Perfect-Hair-Swarmy-Cocky Smile really needs to die.  I hate him so much, I refuse to learn his name.  Honestly, I can't keep up with anyone's name in this thing.  Just Jon, Ned (or is it Ed?), Catherine and...well, that's about it.  Just the people with names you can remember.  Actually, I'm not sure if her name's Catherine either.  Eh, doesn't matter.  I'm sure she'll die soon.  She's gettin' kind of whiny and stupid.

Also, I don't know if anyone's noticed, but all the evil characters have sex doggy-style.  Seriously.  Go back and look.  I think it's funny that the white-haired chick and Ronan of Conan (no, I'm not looking up the damn names!) didn't get my interest until...well, until she introduced him to cowgirl!  Coincidence?  Someone who read the series will have to enlighten me on if this was a staple in Martin's books as well.  I bet it is.  I bet as a wee-lad he walked in on his brother and sister going at it that way and thus was born a severe psychological issue that's making him and HBO a fortune!

I probably shouldn't watch shows like this.  I get way too involved with the characters-who-shall-not-be-named.  But pleeeeeeeeeeeease...someone kill them.  I'd even take an easy death.  Like Jeffrey or Joffry or Toffee.  Preferably by Ned/Ed and maybe-Catherine's kick-ass daughter (not Salsa-for-brains, but Iyadaddadadingdong).  That would be cool.