Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Past Week...

Here's another really long post so my parents don't think I died, or something...

Last weekend Drew & I traveled to Kingston with my mother-in-law Robyn for a wedding.  It was Robyn's side of the family that they didn't often see.  Being out-of-town guests, we were invited for the rehearsal dinner on Saturday night.  It was held at the Hillside Restaurant in Kingston and it was amazing!  The food was awesome, the slow jazz trio (featuring the bride's brother on sax) was probably one of the best I've ever heard, and the company was fantastic.  Everyone was so friendly and relaxing.  We laughed a lot and had a great time.

The wedding the next day was held at Lake Minnewaska State Park.  It on the top of a mountain overlooking the lake below.  The view was breathtaking!

I loved the theme, which combined Hebrew and Asian themes.  And they blended them flawlessly.  (The bride Celeste is a serious karate enthusiast.)

You can see more pictures of the wedding by click on the webalbum link below.
Jaron & Celeste's Wedding

Note: I still have to caption a lot of the photos with the names.  

But my favorite person of all was this guy!!!

I have no idea what his name is, but I called him Black Les Grossman!!  (You have to have seen the movie "Tropic Thunder" to get that joke.)  It's hard to see, but he had the beard, the gold chain, the phone, the moves.  I mean it!  Dude was amazing!  I was enthralled watching him.  So much so that I didn't really mind sitting in the sun for 1-1/2 hours during the wedding.  (Jewish weddings are kinda long.) 

Tom Cruise would have been impressed.  Woulda and shoulda.

* * * * *

Tuesday night, Drew & I dined at the home of my favorite yogini Theresa.  Then the three of us went to see the GuruGanesha Band at the Auburn Public Theater.

It's hard to describe without making it sound ridiculous, but essentially it's a band of super-talented musicians who happen to be yogis.  They play spiritual mantras, bluegrass, gospel and fusion rock.  It's a musical wapatula! I love yoga and meditative music, but this is even beyond that.  And so talented!  Just amazingly energetic and peaceful.

Hans Christian (the North German on the far left) played a couple solos on these beautiful string instruments that blew me away.  I picked up his CD on the way out.

If it's your thing, check them out.  If it's not, check them out anyway.  A little culture never hurt anyone.

* * * * *

Last night was the American Idol finals.  As she does every year, Kelly held the party.  I don't actually watch the show, but I do go to the party.  I didn't mind the finale this year.  It's long though.  Too damn long.  It was nice to see Neil Diamond sing.  I've been a fan since I saw him in concert about 15 years ago at the Dome.  We had free tickets, so we went.  Fantastic show!

The only other thing I walked away with was:
1.  Unitards should be universally banned.
2.  Jennifer Holliday needs to sing at every AI finale!  She's got one helluva voice!  And she's funny as hell to watch.  (Yeah, I said it!)  It made my night though.  It chased the vision of Fantasia in a Unitard away.

* * * * *

Our rose bushes are in bloom.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.

* * * * *

And finally, I'm still writing my novel.  Every spare minute I get is spent writing about it.  Almost every other second is spent thinking about it.  It's an entire world in my head that's constantly moving and changing.

Chapters 1 & 2 are completed.  Except for the last final editing, they are done.  I have about 28 chapters to go.  Sound like a lot?  Yeah, it is.  I researched what the length of an unpublished writer's first novel should be.  About 100,000 words.  (We don't count pages because it's written in Word and the pages don't match up.  And trying to format it in a way that it would makes a person crazy.  I know, because I tried that.  Ugh.)

The two chapters I've completed averaged 3,250 words.  I have a feeling later chapters will be longer.  So the total book might not be 30 chapters.  Probably 25.  But that's what I'm looking at for length.  Which means I have to expand my story because I have approximately 15 chapters in mind at this point.  But there are several aspects to the plot and sub-plots that I could definitely explore more thoroughly.  No biggie.  Not panicking (a lot).

So, how many words can I write in a day?  Varies, because I've been very busy lately.  On a good night (four uninterrupted hours of pure writing bliss) I can pound out 1,800.  That means it will take me 55 days to complete my novel if I can do that every single night.

I find that depressing.  I wanted to finish it next week.  A bit naive maybe, but so many of my friends want to read it!  And I want them too because I love it so much!  And I want to sell it.  Then write more stuff.  So people can buy read more stuff.  Thus completing the circle of life.

I decided to see what "real" writers do.  (By "real", I mean people that actually write for their living and don't need other day jobs to pay the bills.)  Stephen King writes 2,000 words per day.  He doesn't stop until he hits 2,000 either.  It takes him the morning.  His books are normally 180,000 words in length and he can finish the book in three months, not including whatever pre-writing plotting/outlining and post-editing he has to do.  Another great author, John Grisham wrote The Pelican Brief in one hundred days, and The Client in six months.

Ok, maybe I'm not doing so bad after all.  I said Chapter 1 & 2 were done, but I have a half dozen more in the works.  I find I like to jump around and write other scenes when the mood strikes me.  That's usually before work or during lunch.  When I have a few minutes to type out a key scene that I know by heart and know won't be changing much.  

After discovering how far away I was from being done, I went to lunch a little disheartened.  At the end of the lunch hour, my friend Kelly came up to me and handed me back Chapter 2.  I'd printed it off for her to review.  I adore her, but she can be a tough cookie to please, so I figured if anyone would give me an honest opinion it would be her.  She whispered to me, "That.  Is.  Getting.  Good."  I was a bit stunned.  "I love the sexual tension.  Don't change a thing."  And she meant it.  Seriously meant it.

Fan Squee!!!

I think this will be a very productive weekend.