Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lousy Update

This is a quick update.  Mostly for my parents.  I haven't posted anything in a while because I've been super busy since getting back from vacation.  But it's not the kind of busy that anyone wants to hear about.  I'm not sure anyone wants to hear about the stuff I do write anyway, but it's there.  Deal with it.

Drew and I have been making great strides in cleaning up the house.  We are collectors.  The only thing that keeps us from being horders is that all the cats are still alive and we don't get the newspaper.  We just can't stand to throw away anything.  Everything looks like something we might use someday.

Something happened a few weeks ago and I snapped.  I just started cleaning stuff out.  It took Drew longer to come around than me, but I think once he started to see how much easier it was to clean and find stuff when the junk is gone that he was on the bandwagon because he started ditching things too.

Another thing that's kept me even busier lately is my writing.  I'm writing again.  I mean, seriously writing again.  My obsession with how much I hate 50 Shades of Grey has fueled my need to write something better.  So, I'm going to write my own trashy erotic novel.

The Game of Hearts
A Lyssa Winfield Smut Mystery
By SKDeal

Dr. Lyssa Winfield is an anthropologist with a taste for exotic cuisine, fashionable shoes and expensive purses, which is why she’s left her field of study to work as a high-profile software development manager for Markison Industries.  When her job comes under threat from a mysterious source, Lyssa’s assigned hunky security expert Alexander Dane to shadow her.  As the threats become more personal, Alex finds himself guarding every aspect of his charge’s life.  The closer they get, the more dangerous things become; a fact which scares Lyssa even more than her stalker.  Everything’s at stake for Lyssa.  Her job, her life --- and most of all --- her heart.  Can she uncover who’s out to get her without losing them all?

It's a working title, by the way.  I don't like it, but I have to have something right now.  And "Smut Mystery" will probably be changed to "Sexy-time Mystery" or something more appropriate.  But I've discovered that I really like using the term "smut mystery".  Sounds funny.  And now my co-workers and friends come up to me and say, "Hey!  How's the smut coming?"  That's funny as hell!  

And of course everyone knows about this because I cannot stop talking about it.  Somehow I made it through TOPS tonight without saying anything to anyone there, but it was hard.  It's because I'm completely in love with my characters and the story.  

The erotic part isn't kinky, but it is very, very detailed.  I'm hoping to prove to readers that you can have "vanilla" sex and still find it hot.  Even more importantly, you can have sex and a plot too.  (Ask anyone who's read 50 Shades -- none of them can tell you the plot.)  And to top it all off, there's humor.  (Of course there is!  I'm writing it!)

I've completed various sections of the book (I don't work in order --- never have, never will).  But I know the entire story.  It gets enhanced on a daily basis too.  As I think about the scenes, I find ways to improve situations and characters.

I've given parts of the book to a few people to test it out on.  So far I've had an overwhelmingly wonderful response.  And I didn't just pick friends that would coddle me in my efforts.  I picked people who would tell me the truth.  I've taken my criticisms well (few as there have been) and it's helped me improve the story!  But so far they've all wanted to read more.  This is amazingly encouraging!!!

So, you probably won't hear much from me in the next few weeks.  I've made only a few cards and the ones I did were sent to blog readers, so I wasn't going to post them anyway!

Ok, gotta go!  I have to change the color of Alex's hair and I need to give his buddy Chase a goatee.