Monday, May 28, 2012

Card Catch-Up

Happy Memorial Day.  I'm inside as it's an ugly, rainy day.  (Who are we kidding?  I'd be inside on a nice day too.  Me and the outdoors don't get along.)

I've taken a break from writing because it's making me a little crazy and when that happens then the characters get completely off-track.  I've decided to do a little catch-up on the cardmaking thing.

Below are little name place settings I made for the TOPS Awards Night last month.  They're so cute.

Below is the Mother's Day card I made for our mothers this year.  Obviously couldn't post this before Mother's day.  That would spoil the surprise.

Below are the card swap cards from Karen's workshop which I didn't get to attend as I was out of town.  :(
Top to bottom, starting on the left...Christie, Me, Karen, Stacey, Terrie, Shirley, Teresa, Judy, Drew (mostly me), and Jessica.  The theme was "masculine card".  All the cards were very impressive!

Below are my cards for the next swap at Shirley's house in June.  The theme is Wedding or Graduation card.  I did one of each.  I will probably tell them the Graduation card is Drew's.  (Yeah, right!  I'm telling them I did both.)  I was inspired to make these, which is the only reason Drew is still in the swap.

Below are Birthday cards from my popular "Mackenzie-Childs Inspired Collection."  I made these when I had an anxiety attack Saturday and was so full of energy that Drew was expecting my brain to explode. When I'm home and have an anxiety attack it's hilarious.  When I'm not home, not so much.

That's it for today's cards.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday.