Monday, April 30, 2012

Mental Drivel

Drew and I got married in Myrtle Beach on October 11, 2007.  Drew's parents traveled down with us for the week.  My parents couldn't come, but we did have a fantastic two-week vacation in Britain with them the following Spring.  We have had many wonderful vacations and adventures since then.  Always with friends we love and laugh with.

This week Drew and I have finally gotten a honeymoon.  Our first vacation just the two of us.  And we're back in Myrtle Beach!  I have not regretted a single trip in all my years of travel, but I have to admit that this is something special and long overdue.

Here is what we're doing this week --- nothing.  We haven't planned a damn thing.  That's not to say we're not doing anything; we just don't have anything we're supposed to do.  I have lots of little mental notes --- go to La Belle Amie on Thursday for 20% off a case...get fireworks for Jason the Pyro...go to that seashore restaurant in Calabash that Leslie recommended for a great seafood meal...hit Katie's fave pubs on the Pier.

Unlike previous trips to MB, we didn't travel at night.  There's lots of pros and cons to this.  I reeeeally like getting thru the Baltimore-Washington-Alexandria area at night.  Minimal traffic.  But I so love getting into MB at the dinner hour with energy to spare!  There was no pressure to get to condo and unload.  There was no pressure to do anything!  We enjoyed the drive.  We enjoyed each other's company.

Sunday - We went to Market Commons.  We were disappointed by it.  Everyone said it was upscale shopping, but really neat.  It was a lot of clothing stores, which I didn't need.  I don't think they were all that upscale either.  Just not Walmart.  We did find Canapies, which was a magnificent chocolate boutique.  Drew is a chocoholic and I think food is a blessing from the gods, so we were in mutual heaven.

That night we ate at Duffy St Seafood Shack in Cherry Grove.  We'd been meaning to go there since our trip to MB in Christmas 2004.  Drew's Crab Cakes were the bomb!  My Stuffed Crab Shells were good.  The nachos were amazing!  It wasn't the experience we were expecting, but honestly, it was a good meal.  I'm happy we finally got that off our MB Vacation Bucket List.

We watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night.  We've a bit behind in the Harry Potter series.  Loved it!!!!  Had no idea that puberty was a sub-plot in that series.  I approve.  Look forward to watching the final two movies.

Today - We went to both Tanger Outlet Malls.  It was fun and a lot of walking.  A lot.  It was our exercise!

I have never been one to understand the lure of Coach purses or any overpriced accessory, but today I went into the Coach outlet and I'm a believer!  BUT!!!!  Not in the crap my co-workers carry.  I had no idea that Coach carried colors other than Caramel or Suburban Tan.  They have lavender and blue and all kinds of lovely things.  I've decided to use my creative talents to raise a few extra bucks (<$100) to get a Coach wallet.  And I have a LOT of ideas.  Ideas that will benefit myself and my dearest of friends.  They aren't especially grand ideas, but will be quite satisfying.

We watched The Walking Dead, Season One, Episode One today. We'd managed to miss all of it so far.  I loved it.  It was highly predictable and I think I can probably predict the next couple episodes without knowing a damn thing about it, but it's still a great show!  I only hope Laurie dies soon.  That's all.  Just die.  Her presence is going to ruin everything, as if it hasn't so far.  My apologies to the actress; maybe the character was written that way.  But please die.

And now that's I'm typing this while Raiders of the Lost Ark is playing on TV, I firmly believe that the theme from this movie should be the theme song for the USA.