Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miscellaneous Tuesday Rambling

For the past two days I have been de-cluttering my house.  I just kind of snapped on Monday and decided I needed to purge stuff.
  • Travel magazines I swore I would need after I won the lottery and decided to visit foreign lands.  (Even if it does happen, I'm not likely to use the magazines.)
  • A collection of towels that are getting ratty, but could be used for...something.  (If I need a crappy towel for some reason someday, I'll go to the dollar store and buy one.)
  • Linen placemats and matching cotton napkins I've had since Marriage #1 and still haven't used.  (I don't really need to explain why those were tossed, do I?)
  • Books I've read, will likely not read again, hold no sentimental value, but I liked them the first time so they remain on the shelf.  (Donating!)
  • A dozen extra pillows.  (Ok, a dozen extra people are not staying at my house at one time.  I kept the best two and chunked the rest.)
  • All holiday dishtowels and pot holders.  (I've just recently discovered that I hate holiday and seasonal kitchen linens.  No explanation.  I just hate 'em.  Maybe it was the fact that I had over thirty of them that got tossed.  No joke.  Thirty.)
It's amazing how much stuff I'm getting rid of.  It's not really outwardly noticeable though.  A lot of the stuff was behind cupboards or in drawers.  But we notice.  It makes the house look a little cleaner too just because the extra junk is gone.  Plus it was making me crazy.  

I even went thru the emails I get and unsubscribed to a lot of them.  I know it's just emails, but it's still junk mail.  The fewer things I see in my inbox, the better.

I still have a few rooms to go thru, plus there's Drew's stuff.  He's a hoarder.  Not like the wackos on that tv show, but he does have a hard time throwing things away.  Drawers and boxes with stuff like Red Cross pins, super saver cards for stores that don't exist anymore, even more books which is worse because they're in a box not being seen or read.  He's getting better!  I'm constantly asking him, "Is there any reason in the world that you are keeping this?"  He'll say, "Yes."  I'll say, "What is it?"  Then he'll just throw it away.  I'm not sure if it's because he doesn't have an answer, or he does and he knows it will make me even crazier if he tells it to me.

So, I'm happier in my less-cluttered house.  And Drew's happier about anything that makes me a little less crazy.  It's a win-win for everyone involved.


And just for fun...Hoyt and his diet soda hookah!