Saturday, April 7, 2012

A New Addition To The Deal-Scharoun Household!!!

Drew and I are excited to announce a new addition to our household.

Ok.  I'm really excited that my crockpot has a new sibling.  Drew's excited that he won't have to cook for a while.  I couldn't get this sucker out of the box fast enough and put it to work!  We happened to be at BJ's today and he told me to just get it.  He knows I'll use it.  (I was hugging the store's floor model.)

Today the crockpots were both hard at work!  Chicken Drumsticks in the original (left) and Baked Beans in the new one (right).

Incidentally, the chicken drumsticks came out awesome.  Just put them in on Low for 6 hours and they come out falling off the bone!  The seasoning I used was a dry rub and it was ok, but it wasn't anything worth giving you the recipe for.  Next time I'm trying a barbeque sauce.  I can give you a tip though!  If you don't want the chicken to soaking to death in bottom of the crockpot, crumple up about two feet of tin foil and put it in the bottom first, then put the chicken on top of it.  This lets the juice all run to the bottom while keeping the chicken out of it.  Trust me, the chicken will still be moist and super yummy!

My baked beans didn't come out quite right.  They were good, but not great.  I'm tinkering with the recipe.  When I perfect it, I'll post it.  I made enough for a small army, but we intend to freeze most of it in smaller containers.  A tip for Auburn-area people who do not have a lot of freezer containers --- go to Donovan & Luksa and get the thick plastic soup containers.  You can get 50 for $10, including the lids.  Great bargain!  If you don't destroy them in the nuker, they're reusable too.  I intend to make a lot of soups and the like for the freezer.

The new crockpot today came with a baby too!!!  It's called a A Little Dipper!  It'll be perfect for the Tastefully Simple 'Warm the Oven' dip or the 'Spinach & Artichoke' dip that's served at almost every party we have or go to.  Squee!!!

And finally, I made a card today just for my own fun.

I got to play around with my new Nestabilities posts die-cuts.  I made one for Stacey too because she's also a huge "Sherlock" fan.  (Long Live Benedict Cumberbatch's cheeks!)