Friday, April 6, 2012

Card Catch-Up

I've been neglecting my duties of posting all about my cardmaking.  My mother's probably getting bored looking at picks of Pam Poovey playing Waffle Golf on a stripper's bazooms.  So let's roll the clock back to Tuesday, March 27th.  Judy's Stampin' Up party.

My booty from March's card swap (Back row - Jessica, Terrie, Stacey, me, Teresa; Middle row - Christie, Karen, Judy, Drew; Front row - Shirley)

Everyone did a fantastic job! Here are some of the individual sets...

Christie's cards. This was her first attempt at making cards for the swap and she did a beautiful job.

Jessica's cards. She took part in the One-Sheet-Wonder (OSW) challenge. This is when you use one piece of either 12x12 or 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper, cut it up, and use it all to make your cards. Challenging, but fun! Jess also used the Sweet Shop stickers from Stampin' Up.

Karen's cards. This is her 2nd swap and these are just adorable. She used the Stampin' Up Everybunny stamp set.

Terrie's cards. It's her first time making cards!  And she very bravely did the OSW challenge. Very impressive for a newbie!!  Apparently she had panic attacks about stamping the paper.  HAHA!  She did great!!

Shirley's cards. It's a gift card holder that you open by pulling on the "For You" scalloped circle. The opposite end opens at the same time. It is so cool! You make it using an entire sheet of 8-1/2x11 paper, so technically speaking, it's a OSW too! And she gave us templates! Squee!!!

Unfortunately I don't have photos of the other cards. My camera's batteries died quickly that night and I forgot backups. I thought I got more photos, but some didn't come out. Jessica might have copies as she brought her camera too and Drew took photos for her.

These are the cards we made at the workshop. The ones on the left use the Stampin Up doily die-cut. The ones on the right use cherry-scented embossing powder, so the cards smell yummy!!

That brings us up to last weekend...

These are the cards I made for my friend Kelly. Her twins are turning 8 soon. She left the card design entirely up to me. She just wanted something with bright spring colors.  She loved them!

This is a card I made for my friend Cathy. Her grandson is due to be born soon. They know it's a boy and have the name picked out already. Cathy's son is a fireman, hence the dalmation wearing a fire hat. I made the doggie from pics on the internet. It wasn't anyone's design in particular. I sort of combined a couple and made some up as I went. I think he's adorable!  Cathy cried!  A cardmaking first!

More cards from this week...

I'd been dying to make this card and my co-worker Colleen's retirement this week was the perfect opportunity to do so. My flag pole is too big (Yes Hoyt, that's what she said! HA!).  Any smaller and it's hard to tape to the card. Next time I'll just draw it with a marker, probably.

My girlfriend Diana asked about wedding invites for her son's wedding next year, so I'm trying out a few designs. You can't tell from the photo, but the patterned paper is embossed and glossy. Really nice stuff! Plus, wedding invites by me aren't like what you get online. It's like a bloody card, because that's what I do! :)

Bonus!  The bride and groom were stamped using chalk ink.  This is a tip I got from Stacey.  Normally the $1 clear stamps from the craft store don't work for poop.  But the chalk ink with those cheapo stamps worked great!  THANKS STACEY!!!

And finally, from today...

I'm starting a line of winery-inspired cards. This is the first. Eventually I would love to do cards with local wine bottle labels and then sell them at the wineries. I think that would be a fun challenge.

And here's a little treat for Jason...if he made it this far down the post.

Have a great weekend!!!