Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yes, You Can Accidentally OD

Woke up this morning with an awful headache and sore throat.  That usually means I was snoring last night and the sleep apnea has destroyed me for the day.

I took the usual meds.

I fixed some coffee --- which I've decided will only be a recreational beverage at home on the weekends.  I drink too much of it at work.

I fixed breakfast --- an english muffin with peanut butter.  Super yummy.

I sat down to check out my email and promptly fell asleep on my desk.


I went back and checked the meds I'd taken.  Sure enough, I took Tylenol PM instead of Excedrin.  Great.  Now I have a headache AND my face feels like it's had a stroke.  Poopy!  I have a date at 11:45 with Bonny at the Chicken Barbeque!  WAKE UP STUPID!!!

Yeah, that's not happening.  But now I can understand why people can accidentally OD.  If you have a headache and you're not a morning person, there's actually a good chance you will screw up your meds.  Honestly, I'm starting to wonder how I haven't done this a lot sooner.  Luckily it's just Tylenol PM and I only took enough to make me drool on the keyboard.

It looks nice out, so I'm going to walk down to the chicken barbeque at St. Luke's.

Enjoy the weekend.
~ Steph

P.S.  Yes, I spell barbeque with a Q and not a C.  Q's are a fun letter.  C's are not.  I also firmly believe phenominal should be fanominal.  And betterest was a fantastic word, until the invasion of pinterest, which ruined all words that end with -est for me.

P.S.S.  It took me a half hour to type this.  Good lord.  My To-Do List for the day was just considerably shortened to:
    1.  Cut toenails.
    2.  Nap.
And not necessarily in that order.

UPDATE: I slept walk to the church and back, enjoyed a nice meal with the Angus' in between that.  When I got home I heard voices in my house when there should be none.  Sweetpea had tried to sit on the laptop I'd left open on my cardmaking table and in the process hit the play button which turned on Sherlock (Series One, Episode One).  I watched it last night while making cards and left it queued up in the playlist.  My cat has excellent taste in television shows.  I quite like coming home to Mrs. Hudson saying, "I'm not your housekeeper dear," then proceeding to make me a cuppa tea and biscuits anyway.