Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Cards

It's a crazy Friday night here at the homestead.  I made cards.  Yeehaw!!!

Actually, I love to make cards.  It just doesn't make for the most exciting night.  But it is productive.  Too bad you don't burn more calories doing it.  I'd try to make cards while on the treadmill, but I'd probably end up cooter-dodging pairs of flying scissors.

I really like these cards.  I didn't copy anyone's design in particular.  I just wanted to make some pink flowers.

Meanwhile, the cascading cards I posted this past week were a huge hit at work.  I sold seven.  Everyone loved them!  I made six more blue cascading cards with the red bird and I only have two left.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pics of them, but they were pretty much the same as the first one I made.  We made them at Stacey's this past Wednesday.  I think she was really surprised at how easy they are to make.  The base goes together quickly once you have it figured out, but the embellishing takes forever.