Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Cards

I spent the lovely day indoors watching Rugby and making cards.  I love the nice weather; I just love it from inside the house.  Honestly, me and the Sun don't get along that well in person.

I got to see a fantastic match between Wales and France today --- actually it was played yesterday, but I don't get it on any of my stations.  BBCAmerica played England vs. Ireland instead...because they're boring.  England walked all over Ireland.  30-6, I think was the final score.  Wales vs. France was a much better game. Wales eventually won but it was a little nerve-wracking at the end there.  Wales won all the 6 Nations games, making this their third Grand Slam victory in seven years.  I should congratulate the French team for having great hair though.  Honestly, they look very good and styled.

Cards!  Last night while watching the Rifftrax version of the original Night of the Living Dead (LMAO!!!!!!!!!!) I made these ship cards.

Today, while watching Rugby and several Big Fat Quiz Shows (it's a British thing), I made cascading cards.  Frenchie had posted instructions for it and I was curious.  I decided, "I can make those!" so I did.  Took me a while.  The card base itself was easy and took only 30 minutes to put together five of them.  Decorating them took hours!!!  Mainly because I'm terrible with color.  I futzed a lot!  But I love them!!!

They do lay flat and will fit in a standard sized card envelope.  They all say Happiness because I was growing impatient.  Except for the bridal one, I really didn't want to decide what the others are for.  Also, there's really no place for you to sign the card also.  I could put white stickers on the back of it, but that seemed tacky.  Plus it would still be difficult to sign it with all the stuff on the front.  I've decided people can just write their message on the envelope.  So there!  Phlebt!