Monday, March 5, 2012

For my mama

My mother, father and sister all live in Tennessee.  I live in New York.  After I tell people that I immediately point out that THEY moved away from NY.  I am NOT from TN.  Very important.

Tonight I wish I lived in Tennessee because my mommy is sick.  Looks like food poisoning.  A bad sandwich at a Birthday lunch at work.  No one else is sick, but apparently it was take out???  I'm not sure of the details, but it resembles food poisoning.

I had food poisoning once when I was in my early twenties.  Bad KFC.  One of the reasons you won't find me at KFC anymore.  Another reason is that even if it isn't poisoned, it's guaranteed you'll be spending some quality time in the bathroom after you've eaten it.  Don't get me wrong!  I love the food.  Just not the aftermath.

(Great, now I want some KFC.  Dang nabbit.)

Anyway, I was unbelievably sick.  Almost 24 hours straight in the bathroom.  Then in and out - A LOT - for three more days.  And when I was sick it was my mother that took care of me.  I wish I could be there to return the favor right now.

Of course, my mother would say, "Don't come see me when I'm sick!  Come see me when I'm well!  Then we can shop and visit and talk and go to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinsburg, etc...etc..."  And she's right.  We're not the type of family that relies on each other in illness or times of trouble.  We're the type of family that says, "Hey!  I got some extra cash to blow!  Let's go to Europe!" or "Hey!  I got Friday off!  Let's go to the wineries and laugh really loud!"  We like to play with each other during the good times.  During the bad we just mope in a corner.  And we prefer it that way.

Anyhoo....where was I?  Oh yeah.  My mama.  Here's some cards to cheer her up...

The above cards were made this past weekend.  It's the start of my Gift Shop collection.  There are a number of tea shops and little gift shops in the area.  I'm thinking about building up enough cards to go around and see if anyone wants to sell them in their shops.  Mainly because I'm going to make cards, 95% of which I will never use myself.  But I love to make them!!!  So, I might sell them instead.

The below card was requested by my girlfriend Julie.  Her sister-in-law is preggers and wanted to send her a card.  I found nothing in my stamp collection for "congrats on getting knocked up" or "thanks for contributing to the overpopulation of the world".  Everything is for a baby that's already been born and is currently polluting our nation's landfills.  I googled some ideas and found very little.  I liked the picture and I used to color it.  It kinda looks like the baby-momma!  The heart is on a pop-up, so it stands out better.  I actually think this card is cute, regardless of the fact that it's baby related.  Yuck!  ; )

Get better Mom!!!!