Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mom's Birthday

Mom and Dad arrived Friday night.  Mom's doing much better, but she's still a little dizzy when she walks.  Turns out there are crystals in your ears for balance and making coffee???... something, but hers have become unattached.  It's like Menears Disease, but not exactly.  There's actually no name for her issue.  We're calling it Ginger's Broken Brain Disease.  Because that's fun.

Saturday we went to the Christmas Tree Shop, then to Aldi's.  They have neither stores in Tennessee.  Mom found a $10 cane in Aldi's that she has found to be rather handy since she's still wobbly on her feet.  I'm not sure they think Aldi's is as great as I do, but it was certainly different.  And going to Wegman's at two on a Saturday afternoon was not happening!

Today was Mom's birthday.  Mom & I went to a Lia Sophia party at Kelly's house this morning and we had a great time.  Mom got some great jewelry from it, compliments of me and Dad.  Happy Birthday!!!

For dinner I made the ranch pork chop in the crock pot (awesome!) along with mashed potatoes and Drew made his infamous asparagus.  A total success!

Plus, Drew made a cake from scratch!!!  We didn't have candles, so we stuck a votive in it.  Classy.

Can you believe she's 66???  As expected, Dad went right for the ice cream.  

And here's the card I made.

Dad and I watched the Wales vs Italy rugby match while I made cards this afternoon.  It went mostly like this...

Dad : Why was that a penalty?
Me : I don't know.
Dad : What are they doing?
Me : A line-out.
Dad : Oh.  Well, why aren't they doing that pile thing?
Me : You mean scrum?
Dad : Yeah.
Me : I don't know.

Admittedly, there are a lot of elements to rugby that I don't understand.  

Wales won, as expected.  Yay!!!