Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Quickie!

Now that I have Jason's attention...I MADE CARDS!  Yeah, sorry.  It's about cards again.  I cannot stop making cards!  This morning I made some super-fast Easter cards.

This is based on a design from Frenchie's website.  It's actually a very shiny card.  The ribbon and words are copper colored, and the background behind the cross is a shiny copper/silver wallpaper.  And I learned a new technique using the lattice border and corner punches!  So simple!

Oh, and here's some cards I made last night.  Did I mention I like to make cards???

Unfortunately I seem to run out of Sympathy cards more than any other.  Sad.

And here's a bonus...I made these cards with my mother when she visited and I'd forgotten to photo them.  They're very pretty, so I figured I'd post them.

There!  I think that's all for now.  Drew and I are going to the SPCA benefit at Dilaj's today.  It's from Noon to something (forgot, sorry!)  Stop down and get a ton of food, support some animals who need homes, stare at the Elvis impersonator (yes, I've been told one is showing up), and watch Diana do something insane.  You know she will.  Hopefully it's not sing.  (Love you Di!)

Happy Sunday Quickies to Everyone!!!