Monday, September 5, 2016

Crafty Catch-Up

Hello internet peoples. I'm back for lordy knows how long this time. Every time I start to write something for this blog, I get overwhelmed by how long it's been and I quit. So this time I'm just gonna finish it, gosh-darn-tooty. No editing, no second-guessing. Here goes...

This is a crafty catch-up post. Here's what you might have missed. Some of these pics have been on the Facebook thingy, but not everyone stalks me over there, so I'm putting them here too. And since it looks like the last crafty post was October of last year, this might get a little long.

If you can't see the pictures well enough, you can click on them and they will expand. I don't suggest you do that with any pictures of my face. I look much better from a safe distance.


My buddy, co-worker, and kick-arse yogini Teresa (Hi Boss!) requested a few cards over the year.

The shoe is a shrinky-dink wine glass charm. You can buy ink-jet shrinky-dink paper and use the embossing gun to shrink it in seconds. It's so cool to work with.

I loved this birthday card for the nature-loving male in your life. Now that I think about it, I think it went to a hunter. I shoulda put a target on that deer. Next card might be from the perspective of a scope with the cross-hairs on Senor Venison Steaks. Too rude? Maybe. But sometimes you just wanna make an evil-voodoo greeting card.

This was a large card that she requested for a friend that was going through a tough-time. It ended up being kind of bulky in the end, but it was worth it. The butterfly and roses were punch-outs that I filled in one piece at a time. Quite lovely.


Last April, my brother-from-another-mother Jeff decided to throw a surprise birthday party for his wife Bonny at Belhurst. Ok. Let me correct that. In June of 2015, Jeff told me he wanted to throw Bonny a surprise birthday party for her next birthday.

Cue 4 months of :
Jeff: I'm so nervous about this party!
Me: It's a little early to be worrying about this.

Then another 4 months of:
Jeff: I'm so nervous about this party!
Me: You're good.

Then 1 month of:
Jeff: I'm so nerv--
Me: Oh, my God! It's fine!

Then a final month of:
Jeff: I'm so nerv--
Me: Oh, just give me the name of the party planner at Belhurst. I'll talk to her.
Jeff (with that adorable little boy grin he has): Thank you.

Actually, he wasn't that bad. Not all the time, any way.

Jeff did a great job, Bonny was surprise, and we all had a wonderful time. I made place cards for the dinner that had people's names on the front, a little pic of their food choice, and their meals written on the back, which I've been told the staff at Belhurst was thrilled with. Here's a few examples.

Since it was Bonny's 50th, Jeff planned a special gift for her. Tickets to see a Cubs game. This is something she mentioned several times over the years and Jeff decided to take her. He asked for a special card and I came through with this...


Let's lump all the hats and costume pieces in one section here.

For Halloween, Drew, the Gilfus sisters, and I went to Americana Winery for a costume party. It was one of the most fun times I've ever had. Every guest had on a costume. Given the proximity of Americana to Ithaca, there were a lot of creative costume and several dance squads, which makes for fantastic people-watching. We danced for four hours. We did!! It was a great time!

The theme was Bedtime Stories. Drew and I went as the Queen of Hearts and Madhatter. Below is my mini-hat, wand, and about the only good photo we got of the event, which is unfortunate, because I made my costume which was a long white bib with hearts on it that I tacked over my red shirt and black palazzo pants. I could move, dance, and (most importantly) use the bathroom without problems. And, of course, I made Drew's top hat too.

Mardi Gras around Cayuga Lake. I made a funky necklace and supermini-hat. It's a teeny-tiny top hat! I wish I'd gotten a picture of the one I made for Stacey. I really need to make a better effort to take more pictures. 

Just for fun. A gothic steampunk hat complete with aviator glasses, a crow, feathers, and a black/red silk tail.


Let's show off some banners.

Christie, who works in my department and who is also a card maker, had a baby boy this year. Christie and Tim are both Fleming firefighters so I put fire badges in the middle of the red tulle that you can't actually see. The hot air balloons (which looked so much bigger and cooler when I made them at home) have little dalmatians wearing fireman caps in the baskets. (Dammit. Why didn't I take pictures of the balloons? They were neat!)

Hi Christie!!  By the way, that awesome cake was from Wegmans.

The MCL Department at work (and no, I don't know what MCL stands for any more) commissioned a generic baby shower banner because every other person over there is preggers. Haha!

For Stacey's birthday, I made a LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE banner and I hung it up in her living room without her permission. I'm a reverse crafty pirate. I will come into your home and add stuff to it then intimidate you into appreciating it. LOL! Actually, I think she does really like it. I told her she doesn't need to keep it up. And now that I've written this, I feel kinda jerky. Oh well. I'll get over it. Ha!

The flowers on the ends of the above banners are paper. I created a cut file for my Silhouette Portrait to cut out the petals and leaves. I put them together using hot glue. It's actually really simple. Those are half-size flowers. The full-size is below:

Normally, I would never photograph myself, but I wanted to convey the true size of those huge flowers.

Here's a close-up of the half-size flowers. 

The bottom flower and card I made for my Stampin' Up rep Jessica Brigden. She's been with Stampin' Up for 10 years and we went to her Stampiversary Party. Jess is the most awesome-est SU rep and a total sweetheart. Check her out on Facebook -- JESS B-CREATIVE "CARD"IOLOGY


Here's a couple cards that I made specially. 

This was the birthday card I made for my telescope-fanatic hubby. He framed it. Aaaaaaah. *sniffle*

This was the card I made my mother-in-law for her birthday last week. Love that Blushing Bride glimmer paper from Stampin' Up!!


Here's a huge collection of the cards I've made over the past year. (My mom really likes to see these.)


If you made it this far, then you deserve a reward. 

I made this for one of my co-workers when she was having a particularly bad day and getting really anxious for the workday to end so she could go camping.

Some days I feel the same way about gin.