Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Adventures of Butterball: Tapout W2,D6

* The Adventures of Butterball are true stories about my *
* trials and tribulations as a stupid fat girl.  Enjoy! *

Week Two ends with a new workout. Let's see how our heroine did.


Pre-workout mood: I really hate getting up in the morning. But I have to do this.

Day 13 is Cardo XT + Ultimate Abs

46:20 Warm up. The setting is different. They're in a gym. At least it might be a gym. It looks a little photoshopped. Or maybe it's just the "To Quit Does Not Exist" sign in the back of the room that's been photoshopped in. Actually the sign looks real from different camera angles. Everything looks real from different camera angles. But straight on it looks phoney.
   And what's up with Mike's hair? He combed it flat. I can't decide if it's dorky or sexy. Kinda cute actually. Definitely not photoshopped.
   He's only got three people with him today --- Monet, Susan & Mary. My fave three. Well, plus Sam. He's a fave too. At least his abs are. But he's not working out today.
   Wait a minute, they're in their bare feet. Crap. Remove the shoes quick!
   Warm up's almost done now. I've discovered I have no coordination today. I don't have a lot normally, but today I have none. I got confused by jumping rope. Hope we don't do that much.
   My left leg is wicked sore today. It's not pain. It's very, very sore. Being very careful to keep my form.
31:00 Rope and sprawl. Wow. I can sprawl today. I wouldn't have even attempted to throw myself on the floor like that last week. I'm not great at it and not very fast, but I can do it. I can even do it without stopping.
26:30 Burpee. Oh this is a monster move. It involves gettin' down, gettin' up, kneeing the crap out of things. I want to quit so bad, but I just envision kneeing TFJ in the groin and surprisingly I have the energy to continue.
Mike: "These people love me but I bet you're hating me at home!"
Me: "I don't hate you but if we were a relationship on Facebook it would definitely be complicated right now."
KILLER MOVE! K-90. High knees + One-armed mountain climbers + Obliques. I have to do two-armed mountain climbers, but I did it.

The cardio was awesome! I have never sweat so much in my life! That workout's a keeper! The pain in my knee worked itself out during the workout, which is good. 

Rest Day! I honestly can't wait for the Rest Day to be on Monday. For two weeks now I've gotten up on Thursday morning and thought, "Last workout of the week!" My brain automatically assumes it's also Friday. But it's not. I still have another day of work. And that sucks more than working out. A lot more!