Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just Some Other Stuff That's Going On

I've made a few cards in the past couple weeks. Below is a lotus card I made for my yogini.

Next I made a couple blue dress cards for my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law's mother, whom we had dinner with on Easter.

The obsession with the scarves is still going strong. In fact, I'm making them for friends now. Of the five scarves I made in the past two days, only one was not made for someone. That was the purple one. 

And this week Drew and I bought a new-used car.

Yep! We finally traded in the 1998 CRV for a 2010 CRV. It's in near perfect condition and she's the LX version, so she has a sunroof, leather interior and heated seats. She was a returned lease and what a bargain! We found her at Romano Mazda. Our salesman was Mohamed, a former Marine who's new at Romano. He was fantastic to work with! There was nothing "salesman" about him. I can't recommend him enough. He's just a really nice guy without a scamming bone in his body.

Just before we left the sales lot in our new car I patted the old one and thanked her for being a great car. Then I cried like a baby. Drew actually hesitated. "Do you want to stay?" "No! Just go." I'm quite attached to my cars. The '98 CRV wasn't just a vehicle. It represented so many wonderful memories. Trips to Myrtle Beach. Wine trail adventures. Ten years of safe winter driving. I don't take these things lightly. There's a reason we had that car for ten years. She served us faithfully and without fail. Yeah, she was old and rusty, and needed repairs over the years, but never once did she breakdown and leave us stranded. And that's why I bought another. I am very brand-loyal to products and companies that treat me good. So that means when the cars and crockpots get replaced, I will thank the ones I leave behind, cry a little bit, then give a little pep talk to the new ones to let them know about all the fun we'll have and that I will love them just as much.

Yes, I talk to the cars and crockpots. I'm sure by now no one is really surprised by that.