Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Book Cover Dilemma

So.  I have to make a book cover for Game of Hearts.  In the back of my mind I had hoped to put it off and make a publisher do it.  Ut-uh.  Not happening.  Not if I want to get this thing posted on Amazon and with RomCon and all the rest!  And I do.

I tried to make a freebie cover using shades of red and black.  Something that looked like a video game, since that is her job.  Something simple.

It sucks.  I dig the M for Mature label in the corner.  But honestly, it sucks.  You have to have read the book to get the point of the cover.  Buyers need to know what the book is from the cover, not vice versa.

So I looked at the books on RomCon (  Almost all of them have the same kind of cover.  Either it has a half-naked guy on it, or a guy & girl making out on it, or a girl looking like she just murdered someone and it's made her horny.  Point is, they're dramatic and steamy.

Like I cover sucks.  I put it aside and decided to deal with it later.

Last night I was talking to my mother and she was telling me how much the girls at work enjoy the pictures.  I didn't have to ask what pictures.  I know exactly what she's talking about.  This is the third time she's told me.  It's him.


My next question for her should have been, "What in the world did you do with his pic that the girls are still swooning?"  Instead, my brain said, "My mother and her co-workers are in love with a character from a book I wrote that they haven't even read yet.  All because of his picture.  He's gotta be on the cover!  We'll make a fortune just from people buying it so they can stare at the cover!"

Big problem.  I don't own that picture.  Theoretically speaking I shouldn't have even posted it here without at least giving someone proper credit for it.  Which raises the question...who took the picture?

Should be easy enough to figure out.  The guy's name is actually Rajneesh Duggal.  He's an Indian model.  The man's job is to be photographed.  There's gotta be some site out there that gave credit to whoever took the photo.

Nope.  Not at all.  There's nada / zilch / zip / zero credit given on the interwebs for this picture.

But I do have a possible lead.

This is also Rajneesh.  This is the Alex fan-favorite "touch my girl and I will mess you up" photo.  This photo was taken by Jitu Savlani.  I am this close (imagine I'm holding my index finger and thumb up, and they are a flea's width apart from each other) from sending Jitu an email asking if he took both photos.  And if so, what's it take to get permission to use the top one for Game of Hearts.

Actually, now that I look at it, I think this photo might be nice too.  The dimensions aren't great for a book, but if we use maybe just the right half of his face and put the wording on the grey part then...hmmm. Not bad!

Anyway, I'm too chicken to email him right now.  I should be too old to be too chicken to do anything anymore, but I still get that way.  One of the downfalls of never having kids is that you remain immature & nervous about some things that parents got over a long time ago.  Sending emails to photographers in India about a photo of a hot guy is apparently one of them. Silly thing is, if this were for Stacey's book or Jeff's book I wouldn't hesitate to send an email for them.  In fact, I'd jump all over that.  I love being the resource that says, "Hey, I contacted him and he's cool!  Says go ahead and use it!  Whoot!" But not for my own work.  Nope.  Stupid, isn't it?  A lot of writers are weird like that.  (Ok, that was a little mental side trip no one really needed.  Let's get back to the picture.)

Jeez, that would be a nice cover, wouldn't it?  *squee*  Maybe I'll email him later this week after I figure out how to make the *insert expletives here* document convert to Kindle correctly.  Without that then a cover is completely useless and a large waste of time anyway!

In the meantime, check out Jitu's website.  It's kinda cool.  Very Bollywood.

Looks fancy, don't it?  Looks like he'd probably charge a lot for the photo, don't it?  Yep.  I fear he's gonna want a lot for it, I'm not gonna be able to pay it, and then I'll have lost my Alex.  I think I'd rather be able to look at the photo and see the cover, then know for sure it could never be the cover.  Looks like I'm not gonna send an email, don't it?

And that right there is what they call in the therapy biz as a break-thru.

I should have taken the percocet prescription from the doc when I had the chance.