Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Facebook Experience Just Got Better!!!

There's a browser plugin called Unbaby Me that will replace baby pictures on your Facebook and turn them into something else.  This is awesome for someone like me that thinks babies are aliens and garden gnomes.  Honestly, I'm more comfortable about aliens and garden gnomes than babies.  Ew.

It only does it on your internet window though.  Not for everyone.  The default is a pic of a Cat, but you can change it to whatever Instagram hashtag you can think of.

I changed mine to "hotguy."

The site was pointed out to me by my co-worker and Game of Hearts fan Katherine.  She has a baby Max, and I joke constantly about her little alien love-child (whom I hate to admit is really a cute baby --- don't tell her I said that).

Today, Max's photos got changed to this guy...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  Lovin' that plugin!  Thanks Katherine.