Friday, August 10, 2012

"Game of Hearts" Cover

I resolved my issues with using Alex's face on the cover by not putting him on the cover.  Bah!  Instead Lyssa is going on the cover.  Honestly, I couldn't make a cover with Alex's dreamy but oh-so-serious face that correctly conveyed the theme of the book.  Essentially, the book is humorous.  Alex's face is anything but humorous.  So I made a cover that was less serious.  It contains little elements from the book, but doesn't give anything away.  People who read the book will understand the cover better, but I don't think you have to read it to like it.

Why don't I just show you the dang cover...

Inset photo of "Lyssa" by SavchenkoJulia
Panties supplied by First Mate

I know the photo of Lyssa is not the same as the referenced source I used when writing the story, but I think she's quite lovely.  And it only cost me $5 at  There's no limitations on the number of times it's used on e-books.  If and when it comes time to print the book, I will let the publisher worry about the cover then.  This model has lots of great photos on the site, so I can see more book covers in her future. 

Note:  I am not an experienced photographer and I realize this isn't professional by any means.  But I like it and you can read the title when it's the tiny size that Amazon uses on the screen, which is what's important.  Plus, I futzed like hell with the damn thing to get it done so I'm not changing it!!

But wasn't the below the bomb!!!

The model is Rajneesh Duggal
Photo by Jitu Savlani

Yeah, I know.  Maybe for Book #5.  That's a much more serious book.