Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RomCon & Shelf Unbound

While researching contests and website about romance novels, which is essentially what Game of Hearts is, I've come across some neat sites.

RomCon is a contest and a review site for Romance novels and all their sub-genres.  My novel is a romantic comedy set in a mystery.  Comedy is the tone; Romance is the A Story (main plot); Mystery is the B Story (subplot).  In future books the mystery might play a bigger role, but I love playing with these characters so much and all the crazy, goofy things they do, that the comedy and relationships will probably always be the front story.

Anyway, you can go to RomCon and read reviews on Romance novels in your favorite genres - contemporary, suspense, historical, erotica, paranormal, & sci-fi/fantasy.  I go just to look at the book covers.  HAHAHAHA!  All better than mine, but I still laugh at them.  My favorite are the erotica covers.  My buddy Pam said it the best, "How many people are on that cover?  Ewwwww."


Another great website for the avid reader is...

Shelf Unbound is strictly digital, so you can only read it online.  But it's free!  It's a great magazine for readers who are looking for reviews of something different.  Each issue is just loaded.


I love to read, but I don't do it alot.  My mind wanders badly.  I can usually only read on vacation when there's nothing else going on.  Then that's all I want to do!  I've tried to read before bed and I fall asleep.  I know...go to bed earlier.  Lately I've been too busy.  Trying to be an author.  :)