Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Excursion to Ithaca

This morning Drew & I went to Ithaca.  We hit the Farmer's Market first.  I love the market!  It's a unique place with vendors that sell a wide range of goods.  Organic fruits & veggies, free-range poultry & meat, wine, pottery, wood crafters, photographers and florists.  There are several food vendors as well.  You can get breakfast burritos (quite popular judging from the long line), Cambodian food, gluten-free Curry (so getting that next time!), Japanese bento boxes (Drew's so getting that next time!), and lots of pastries.  There's usually a band playing too.  If there was one today we missed it.  (Poop.)

For my mid-morning snack I got a treat - Indian Rice Pudding with Fruit.  It was super yummy and Drew thinks he can reproduce it here at home for me.

While at the market we ran into my BFF Stacey and her man Matt, and also fellow Superfriend Joanie and her buddy Fran.  Odd to go to Ithaca, which is about 45 minutes away, and run into my best buds from home.  I told you the market is awesome!

Our best purchase from the market was Apple Chicken Sausage from Autumn's Harvest Farm.  I cooked it up for dinner with some squash, zucchini, quinoa pasta and Stony Brook Delicata Squash Seed Oil.  We loved it!!!  So yummy!

After the market, we went to Green Star.  It's a co-op health food store.  Anyone can shop there, but you pay a little more than the members do.  If you work a couple hours a month there you can get 10-17% discount on food.  I would do that if I lived in Ithaca.  Of course, if I lived in Ithaca it meant I reached my goal of being a best selling author and then I probably wouldn't need a 10-17% discount on the few groceries I buy now.  Still, I bet it's fun!